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New Classes in April 2016

Wed, 2016-03-16

Hello all, 

Thank you once again for taking part in our big giveaway in celebration of our 2nd outlet opening at Upper Thomson! 

If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Great prizes you can't miss out! (;

I'm here to let you know the NEW classes we're having this end-March and April... to those who've been keeping a lookout and waiting patiently! 

The Tsum Tsum craze is on the high right now! Due to popular requests, we've opened up a decoration class for the more experienced bakers who've levelled up in their decoration techniques. In the class, you'll not only get to flaunt your skills in frosting a cake, you'll also get to choose between Mickey or Minnie Tsum Tsum and learn to pipe them on a cake. Once you know how to cartoon pipe, you can do whatever character you want... the possibilities are endless!

Learn to make your very own pattern on your swiss rolls! One class alot of students enjoy because you really get to make something very personalized! Swiss Rolls are a little trickier to make but very easy once you know the technique... impress your loved ones with this light dessert!

Bread Classes are coming up! Making its debut - Matcha Red Bean Totoro Buns and Coconut Custard Buns. Learn to make two different buns with the same recipe. You'll also get to make your totoro with bread dough. Though breads require a long time to prepare, the results are well worth it. During this class, you'll bring home tips and tricks of getting the fluffiest of asian breads!

One of our BESTSELLERS in store is opened up for class... finally! Sugee Cake has its distinct coconut texture that many people come back for. Great for breakfast or snack at any time of the day. Dangerously soaked in Gula Melaka, this loaf will get you sold. 

Charlynn is an artisan bread professional with years of experience. Join her in making Matcha Sesame Bread and learn the basics of artisan breads to kickstart your journey in bread making!


Cheryl a.k.a Baking Taitai is a renowned blogger who shares her delicious recipes with her readers. Having so many years of experience, she'll sure have alot to share. Ogura cake is a Japanese cake that many locals love for its extreeeeemely light and fluffy texture. Nutella ogura is a twist from the original but is sure to please.


*Do note the venue of the classes as Upper Thomson outlet will be opened end of March 2016.

See you in class!

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