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Mon, 2015-08-31

5Hello, here with some updates once again!

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with classes filling up our weekends and an increasing number of customised orders. Y'know, all of us cake decorators here at the studio love taking up challenges so we get really excited receiving the not-so-usual cake orders. Especially considering we've only been operating for close to 7 months now, we're very thankful for customers who have so much faith in us to be able to leave your dream birthday/ wedding cakes in our hands, even if we have no prior attempt at a specific design!

Floral Wreath Piping Customised Birthday Cake

If you've been around since May... you'd find this design very familiar. Our floral wreath cakes v.1 made its debut during Mother's Day and since then, we have received a couple of similar cake designs. We have even opened a class specially for those who would love to sit down with me for an afternoon of patiently piping these basic 3d flowers. Of all the floral cakes I have done to date, the colour combination of these flowers have made it to the top of my list. A new experience at piping bold coloured flowers like deep purples and red, love it! :)

Alice in the Wonderland Floral Customised 21st Birthday Cake

Next up! A whimsical cake request for our customer's 21st birthday. This cake certainly makes me regret how I celebrated my 21st birthday with a cake that was so................ normal. I've never in my life seen so many branches stick out of the cake and never would have imagined how good it'd look together. By the way, I'm very proud of our baking artist who drew these words and birds (!!! yes I know right) by hand. Also, the berries are made of fondant... I BET YOU DIDN'T EVEN REALISE :P

3D Winnie the Pooh Customised Birthday Cake

Also, one of first attempt at a 3D character cake. Inside the cake was a cookies and cream butter cake. Heads up, most of our cakes are sponge-based because we strive to not only make cakes look good, but also to taste out of this world good too. However, with 3D cake designs, the structure of cakes is extremely important for carving so usually in cases like these, we would recommend a butter cake base if we feel it is needed. Don't worry, we'll always let you know if anything. You know what I find the cutest about this cake? Look at Winnie's round tail. Its so round. 

Rosettes Ombre Customised 21st Birthday Cake

Rainbow Rosette Customised Birthday Cake

Rosette Swirls have been popular for a few years now and it's one of the designs that never seem to die down because of how different it can look! Did you know... rosette swirls is like a form of handwriting. Everyone's handwriting is different. Try it our at home and get someone else to join you, you'd notice everyone has their own way of a rosette swirl. Anyway, it isn't too obvious in the pictures but these two cakes were GINORMOUS. Both of them were a whooping 12 inch. Takes alot of patience to pipe our way around it but definitely a therapeutic experience :)


Peach Longevity Customised  Birthday Cake

I know... I know... WoooOOOOooooOOOOOOoooow. Ever since this shaotao a.k.a longevity cake made its appearance just two weeks back, we have received a total of 3 orders to replicate this design and we're certainly expecting more of it!! I can't wait for my grandma to turn 90 because I am so going to learn how to make this cake without the help of our fondant king a.k.a Sam. Its too impressive I must say!

golden yellow rosette 2 tiered customised 21st birthday cake

Gold has always been one of the top picks for not only 21st birthdays but weddings! The waterbrush strokes on this cake originated from our very popular homegrown Earl Grey Lavender cake which was/still is/will always be a hit in stores. Waterbrush strokes is one of the to-gos if you'd want your cakes to still look simple yet add a little sophistication. Because gold buttercream isn't shiny to begin with, it came out a little less than what it should so the finishing touches was to spray a little lustre dust for that tinge of shine! And who said only gold fondant looks good? ^^

Great Gatsby Black Gold 2 Tier Customised Birthday Cake

I told you Gold was popular. Well of course gold fondant has a way more obvious shine so it really is up to you. Some people choose to refrain from fondant because of its excessively sweet taste. Fondant cakes are always, always a beauty to make and it really holds up way less fragile than buttercream cakes! Love how this two tiered Great Gatsby themed cake was paired with black and gold. Oh how I miss those birthday parties I used to attend where everyone actually made an effort to keep to the theme? This was one of those... your birthday party looked like a blast Millennia. I hope your cake didn't disappoint! 

And... for those of you who want classes for this, we have heard you. Stay tuned for it!!! This cake was a request from a customer who loved IvenOven (follow her on instagram if you haven't!). It was my pleasure to be able to recreate this design for her and although it may not be as good as her, it still makes it on top of my list of Best Designed Cakes in store. :P I MEAN... I NEVER KNEW BABY BLUE COULD LOOK THIS GOOD TOO!!

Talk about versatility... We've made all sorts of buttercream floral cakes, we've made sugar flowers, we've made 3D fondant cakes, what else are we missing? This cartoon owl is Skip Hop owl and it was for a little girl's 1st month. I wish my mummy spent money on a properly designed cake for me hahahahaha! Didn't quite know that this owl existed until I received this cake order actually! Learning new things everyday :P


That's about as much as I am going to share in this blogpost. Keep your orders coming in and thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement. 


Back to making magic in the kitchen!!! Or maybe off to bed first *_*

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