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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with Team building Baking Classes

Mon, 2023-01-16

Set to be held on the 3rd of March this year, Employee Appreciation Day is an annual event dedicated to recognising and appreciating the hard work and countless achievements of all employees. Typically celebrated on the first Friday in March, this yearly celebration acts as the perfect opportunity for employers to show their staff how valued they are in the organisation. 

On Employee Appreciation Day, it is common for businesses all over the world to recognise the individual efforts of their employees in various ways. Some of these meaningful gestures include rewarding their employees with unexpected gifts, hosting team activities, or going for a company-wide lunch — all of these are usually done in attempts to boost morale, and encourage further engagement and commitment. But what if we told you that there are more creative and fun ways to thank those who have played a crucial role in making your organisation successful? We’re talking about baking classes!

Private Baking Lessons as the Ultimate Team-Building Activity

Known as the process of building a team that is able to work collaboratively towards a common goal, team-building is an activity designed with a purpose in mind. And while some individuals might think that the act of forming bonds and connections with their colleagues is redundant given the professional nature of their work, the truth of the matter is that team building brings with it a stream of benefits. Some of these include increased communication and employee motivation — all of which have a positive impact on the business and organisation as a whole.

But what do cake baking and sifting flour have anything to do with developing skills like communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution? 

As much as there are specific team-building activities designed to be a long-term solution in fostering genuine connections amongst workplace colleagues, we can’t deny that everyone needs to reboot once in a while. This is where courses like a 1-day baking class come into the picture.

Benefits of Booking Baking Courses for Yout Staff

While it might come as a surprise to many, enrolling your team in a private baking lesson might be one of the best team-building experiences. And in comparison to any of the other conventional team-building activities that are simply outdated and at times, uninspiring, fun team activities like baking will allow everyone to connect on a more genuine level. Here are some other reasons why you should throw away all your thoughts of planning a sophisticated Employee Appreciation Day celebration and sign your company up for a fun and thrilling baking course instead: 

1. Encourages Teamwork

Rather than seeing corporate baking classes as a desperate attempt to break free from the standard team-bonding cliches, why not shift your perspective and see what it has to offer? For one, baking, by nature, is a very practical and hands-on activity. Therefore, with the high levels of coordination required to produce the best results, it is inevitable that your employees and colleagues work together. By performing different tasks to get to the finishing point, good teamwork will be fostered and they will not only be able to leave the baking course with sweet treats but also with a closer-knit team at the end of the day.

2. Boosts Social Interaction

They say teamwork makes the dream work — but that’s only possible with clear communication. Encouraging your team to work and communicate with each other, baking classes act as the ideal ingredient to build successful workplace relationships. Moreover, these courses will efficiently break down barriers since ranks and departments will not matter when it comes to your batter rising in the oven.

3. Provides an Opportunity to Learn Something New

Unlike other team-building activities that only act as a conduit for employees to socialise and befriend each other at face value, enrolling them in a baking course will equip your staff with a life skill that they will come to appreciate in due time. Now, just imagine your entire team signing up for our Shio Pan Trio 3 baking class and a week later, you’re back at the office and you find a fresh batch because your colleagues have learnt all the secrets of baking this popular Japanese snack from Baker’s Brew expert coaches. 

Book a Private Baking Class in Singapore Today

Motivating teams and cajoling some of the most reluctant team members might be an issue of the past if you plan on engaging and bringing out their best with the baking classes in Singapore. Be it a cake baking class or a macaron baking course, baking classes are one of the most creative ways to not only have a fun and energetic team-building experience but also allow your employees to create culinary masterpieces. And of course, as they discover their passion for baking and unearth any hidden talents, the opportunity that you have presented to them will serve as the most memorable Employee Appreciation Day gift. So don’t wait any longer — plan for an epic Employee Appreciation Day celebration by signing up for a private baking lesson and be prepared when the 3rd of March comes around!

Browse our list of baking courses and enrol yourself and your team for your preferred private baking classes in Singapore. From baking courses for beginners to baking classes curated especially for businesses, we at Baker’s Brew offer them all! What are you waiting for? Join us today!

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