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At Baker’s Brew, we pride ourselves in providing baking classes and courses that are of the highest standards. Our professional yet friendly instructors are extremely passionate in their craft and would never hold back in imparting their knowledge to students. We cater to both passionate beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike, assuring you of a holistic baking experience like no other.

Here, we offer engaging and interactive hands-on baking classes in a studio that is equipped with home-based equipment and appliances, to facilitate the continuing of your baking at home. We strive to be the best baking school in Singapore and we want to be a part of your baking journey! Click on the categories below for more information on the types of classes we offer.


Learn a multitude of delicious recipes from cakes to macarons under the guidance of our friendly baking instructors!
Under the guidance of 


Learn from our professional instructors and master a variety of advanced baking skills, from buttercream techniques to pastry and even bread making.


Want to learn and bake in a one-on-one or small group setting? We can cater a special private class for you!
 We can cater a special private class for you!

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