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5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Personalised Cake

Mon, 2023-02-20

There is no denying that a custom-made cake is a true masterpiece that can elevate any special occasion, whether it's a milestone birthday, a beautiful wedding, or an intimate gathering. But designing a personalised cake that truly represents your vision can be a daunting task. With so many flavours and design options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Here are five important factors to keep in mind when designing a customised cake: 

1. Cake Size

When designing a customised cake, it's important to consider the ideal size of the cake and the number of people it needs to serve. This information will help determine the ideal number of tiers needed and perhaps even how many cakes you’ll need to feed the crowd!

Additionally, don't forget to factor in any additional servings for guests to take home or for guests who may want seconds. Having enough cake to go around will make sure that everyone leaves the event satisfied.

2. Theme and Occasion

The theme of the event plays a big role in determining the ideal design of the custom cake. Whether it's a kid's birthday party, a sophisticated wedding, or a traditional Chinese cake for a momentous milestone celebration, the cake should reflect the spirit of the event.

When considering the theme and occasion, think about the atmosphere you want to create and the message you want to convey. This will help guide you in selecting the right design, flavour, and decorations for the cake. 

3. Flavour and Filling

When it comes to customised cake design, the flavour and filling are just as important as the appearance. Choose a cake flavour and filling that appeals to your taste buds and complements the theme and occasion. Some widely favoured options are chocolate and red velvet, and if desired, you may even combine multiple flavours in one cake or select distinct flavours for each tier.

In addition, to ensure that all of your guests can savour a slice of the customised cake at the celebration, be mindful of any dietary restrictions they may have, including gluten intolerance, nut allergies, or lactose intolerance.

4. Budget

Be upfront about your budget to ensure that the baker can provide you with an accurate quote and design options for your customised cake that aligns with your desired outcome. A professional baker can often suggest creative solutions to help bring your vision to life without going over budget.

5. Work with the Right Cake Shop

To ensure you’ll receive your desired customised cake design, choosing the right cake shop to work with is of utmost importance. A good baker can elevate your celebration, making it more memorable and enjoyable. When selecting a cake shop to bring the visions of your ideal customised cake to life, consider their reputation, skills and expertise, availability, communication, and budget. To do this, research reputable options in your area, check their reviews and photos, inquire about availability and pricing, and make sure they can accommodate any special requests you may have.

Indulge in Delicious Customised Cakes from Baker's Brew

At Baker's Brew, we offer the best mouth-watering customised cakes in Singapore, made just for you. Browse our selection of flavours, designs, and decorations to create the perfect cake for any occasion. Our expert bakers use only the finest ingredients to materialise your concept. From classic bakes to contemporary creations, we guarantee that your cake will not only look amazing but also taste incredible.

Make your special occasion even sweeter with a custom cake from our online shop at Baker's Brew. Contact us to start planning your cake today.

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Guides and Tips From Macaron Baking Classes for Beginners

Mon, 2023-02-13

Light, fluffy, and incredibly tasty, macarons are heavenly treats where every bite will make you feel as if you're walking on clouds made of sugar. Most people who have tasted this delectable treat have been tempted by the thought of trying to bake it themselves. However, macarons are notoriously tricky to accomplish for beginners – though not impossible when attempted with the right knowledge, guidance, and practice. 

This beginner's guide will tell you everything you need to know about making macarons, including baking tips from our workshops and classes in Singapore.

1. Macaroons are Not Macarons

A very common mistake amongst beginners to baking is confusing macarons and macaroons. The taste, appearance, and recipe for macarons and macaroons are night and day. Macarons are meringue-based sandwich cookies that require extreme precision and a multi-step recipe to make. Macaroons, on the other hand, are a type of drop cookie made with coconut shavings. If you’re attempting to bake these on your own, make sure you’re following the right recipe before you start. 

2. Decide on a Method for Your Macarons

The appeal of making macarons that has captivated both novice baking workshop attendees and experienced bakers alike is that there isn't just one way to make them. In fact, there are three different methods of making the meringue used in macarons. Each method produces different tastes, textures, and appearances in your macaron, so your final bakes might vary depending on which method is covered in the recipe use or baking class you attend.

French Method

Egg whites and sugar are whipped together to form firm peaks to make French meringue. The simplicity of this method makes it popular among beginner baking classes and macaron workshops.

Italian Method

This method involves first putting water and sugar in a saucepan to boil. The resulting syrup is then slowly dripped into the egg whites as they are being whipped, until stiff peaks form and the mixture cools. This method can produce more stable macarons and is taught in more advanced baking classes.

Swiss Method

In the Swiss method, the sugar and eggs are heated over a double boiler while being stirred together continuously. It is then mixed using a mixer on a low setting until it cools and then whipped on a high setting until firm peaks form. This method is becoming more common in macaron baking classes because it produces strong meringues without the complicated steps of the Italian method.

3. Use Accurate Measurements

Every baking class and macaron workshop will tell you to always use accurate measurements when making macarons. Too much or too little of any particular ingredient can significantly alter your outcome. Always remember to check your ingredients, properly measure them out with a scale and measuring utensils, and follow the recipe steps in the exact order.

4. Use Double Baking Trays

A useful tip taught in workshops and baking classes to avoid hollow macaron shells is to use double baking trays. Preheat an empty baking tray in the oven. Afterward, place your baking tray with macarons on top of the preheated empty tray and place it in the oven. This will help to make sure the heat is distributed evenly across your macarons, helping to avoid hollow shells.

5. Go All Out with Decorations

Being able to decorate your macarons however you want to is a huge part of the baking experience. There's nothing more rewarding than baking macarons that both taste and look heavenly.

One way to decorate your macarons is by using gel food colouring to turn them into your desired colour. Mix the gel food colouring into your stiff egg white mixture and watch it slowly take on the colour. Couple it with some edible colouring paint and you can get some quirky and interesting designs like Corgi Deco Macarons or Disney Italian Macarons made in our baking classes here at Baker’s Brew!

Remember that Practice Makes Perfect

Even the greatest bakers in the world started out as complete beginners at some point. So don’t feel discouraged after your first failed attempt at baking macarons. 

Attending one of our baking classes in Singapore or baking courses for beginners can help give you the baking know-how and confidence to absolutely nail baking macarons. We also offer classes on baking fundamentals, baking artisan breads, and assorted chocolate techniques! Take a look at our baking class schedules and start your baking journey with us.

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What Your Favourite Cake Says About You

Mon, 2023-02-13

Let’s face it — everyone has a favourite type of cake. From the classic chocolate cake to the unique durian cakes that pack a delicate punch, there is no denying that these sweet bakes are delightful treats that can be savoured and enjoyed at any time. But beyond the fact that no one can resist a wonderful slice of cake, did you know that your favourite flavours that always hit the spot can say a lot about your personality traits? Yes, you read that right! There’s indeed so much more to cake flavours than their taste profiles — they can tell loads about one’s personality just by their first choice when it comes to special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings! So, what does your choice of cake say about you?

1. Classic Chocolate Cake

No drama please, chocolate cake lovers say. When you love a classic like our Chocolate Symphony, you’re fuss-free and much like the symphony of different chocolate tastes and textures in this rich and decadent cake, you’re rich through and through. But don’t be fooled — while these individuals might be a kid at heart and love keeping their distance from unpleasant people, they won’t hesitate to be upfront with you and put you in your place. A chocolate cake lover is dominant yet emotionally vulnerable, sweet and fun-loving but simultaneously keeps their distance from obnoxious people — the epitome of perfected balance.

2. Caffeine Fuelled Coffee Cake

Does the mere thought of baking our classic Coffee Melaka cake give you an energy boost? The rich coffee cake, topped with nuts for extra texture or not, boasts flavours that sneak up to you slowly, only to hit you with an unrivalled amount of caffeine fuelled strength. We’re talking about a genuinely warm-hearted person jumping off the walls the instant they get a hit of their ultimate driving source — caffeine. Introverted by nature, they’re the ones who will nitpick the minute details in your presentation slides. The king or queen of the business world, they give it their all, especially when it comes to controlling their own destiny. 

3. Chocolate Durian Cake

Unique and exploding with flavour, the presence of the rich and well-known King of Fruits is important to those who take pride in each bite of chocolate durian cake, and they’re not afraid to show off the fact that they’re lovers of one of the most pungent fruits in town. They value clarity and know exactly what they want in life. Being fans of one of the most controversial fruits ever known to mankind, Mao Shan Wang (MSW) infused cake lovers never feel the need to surround themselves with people all time — because quality matters more than quantity, and they’ve got their priorities set right. A fan of doing things differently, they never shy away from a challenge. So, if you call yourself a daredevil, you’ve made yourself a partner in crime.

4. Cheesecakes

Talk about an adventure of a lifetime! Treading the thin line between living life to the fullest by taking risks all the time and being an organised individual that calculates everything so that you never fall through the cracks, you’re totally carefree yet love venturing out of the social norms to enjoy the finer things in life. Just like a classic cheesecake that leaves people confused as to whether it is a cake or not, people can’t quite put their finger on whether you are idealistic or a nice person who abides by a rigid moral system. We know you are a person of taste, and this attitude extends to every other aspect of your life. 

5. Fruit Cake

Fruit cake lovers are always raring to go. Always up to try something new and exciting, your curiosity knows no bounds. Creative, highly motivated and always open-minded, you’re often the go-to choice when someone needs a friend to hang with. Sweet right down to the core, passionate and always having a fresh take on life, you’re a real-life representation of our Lychee Mango cake

6. Cupcakes

Filled with surprises, you’re always on your feet. Just like a box of cupcakes, you have everyone in the palm of your hands due to your mysteriousness — which side of you will they see today? Small but feisty, you are by no means “vanilla” in your behaviour. Generous by nature, you have loads to offer and are also happy to express your opinions without hesitation to anyone who dares question your taste or preferences.

You Can Be Naughty or Nice with Baker’s Brew

Feel impressed or dumbfounded? Take it easy our dear dessert lovers. After all, cakes and cupcakes are meant to be devoured with pure delight. And our selection of the best cupcakes and cakes in Singapore is enough to get you started. Browse Bakers Brew’s selection of cakes and more and leave it to us to have them delivered to your doorstep once you’ve placed your order. With a minimum order of $60, we’ll have your sweet treats delivered to any residential address in Singapore!

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4 Benefits of Taking Private Baking Classes

Wed, 2023-02-01

Have you ever wanted to learn how to bake? Do you already have the basic skills required to whip up a cake but are now looking to take those skills up a notch? There is no denying that taking baking classes in Singapore is the ultimate answer to these woes of yours. But what if you are looking to embark on this baking journey with your friends and family or even your colleagues? This is where private baking lessons come into the picture and acts as an excellent way to hone in on your baking talents but also be a great way to bond and spend quality time together with those who matter. Providing you with an opportunity to learn a new skill and create something delicious, private baking lessons are the perfect way to encourage collaboration and foster a sense of camaraderie within the group in a fun and interactive way. From learning the proper baking techniques from professionals who have been in the game for years to gaining confidence in the kitchen, we explore four other key benefits of enrolling in private baking classes.

1. Learn at Your Own Pace

Cookie-cutter classes don’t work for everyone — and this is especially so when you’re partaking in a class with your friends and family, where you’re bound to have more fun. Whether you find it funny that your colleague is taking a tad bit too long to figure out how to work the equipment or you simply feel uncomfortable with your bonding time disrupting the serious focus of other students in a generic group baking class, private baking lessons allow you to go at your own pace while still have the time of your life. 

At Baker’s Brew, our professional instructors also know that some people need more time to understand the basics before they move on to more complex tasks. As such, our instructors will also provide you with useful feedback as needed so that you can stay on track and reach your goals faster. 

2. Received Personalised Instructions

When one takes on lessons and courses to master a certain craft, more often than not, one of the main reasons many opt for private lessons is due to the personalised attention they’ll get from the instructors. Have a little one that is all for baking a Banana Bonanza Swiss Roll due to its cute motifs? Perhaps you and the girls are preparing for an epic hen’s night party and want Gemstone Cookies adorning the dessert table? Not only can you choose from an entire list of baking classes and learn how to bake these yummy treats during a private baking lesson but you will also receive personalised instructions tailored to your needs and goals.

3. Get Creative with Your Team

Once you’ve mastered basic baking techniques, the world is your oyster! And believe it or not, baking actually stimulates creativity and helps you innovate. While it is common for many to assume that baking is a tiresome chore that is filled with endless baking trays and pans to wash and is all but dealing with the aftermath of a baking disaster, this is simply not the case with private baking lessons

Providing you with a conduit to play around with different ingredients and bake anything under our baking class listing, our private lessons set the perfect stage to use your skills and imagination to create something mouth-watering and eye-pleasing. Go crazy with cake decorating classes like our Mother’s Day Floral Garden Cake course with your siblings and be ready when the 14th of May comes around. Or if you and an entourage of bridesmaids who are already skilled at baking have been tasked by the bride-to-be to whip up a stunning cake for her big day, then you can also consider our Bronzed Sail Watercolour Cake (Advanced Cake) class.

4. Have Fun without Judgement

There is no denying that stress can affect anyone. Be it due to the pressure of ensuring everything is perfect before your wedding or issues at work, it can take a toll on your well-being. While being overwhelmed by stress is often unavoidable in most circumstances, there are many ways to manage it effectively and give yourself some much-needed space to breathe and relax — one of them being enrolling yourself in private baking classes with those who matter. After all, the last thing you’d want is to feel stressed about the mistakes you might be making or interrupt others in a group baking class with all the fun you’re having.

Prefer to master the art of baking from the comfort of your home or even your well-equipped office space? You can still gain all the knowledge from our professional baking instructions through your mobile phone or laptop with our online baking classes for adults. Taking private baking classes will undoubtedly be enjoyable so don’t forget to embrace your inner baker and have some fun along the way! 

Book a Private Baking Class in Singapore Today

Learning how to bake does not have to be overwhelming — with private baking lessons, anyone can become an expert baker in no time! By receiving personalised instructions from an experienced professional baker, you, your family, friends, and colleagues will gain valuable insight into all aspects of the craft while developing important culinary skills along the way. So don't wait any longer — sign up for a private baking lesson today and start making delicious treats tomorrow! 

Browse our list of baking classes and enrol in your preferred private baking lesson or online baking class in Singapore. From baking courses for beginners to baking lessons for experienced bakers, we offer them all! What are you waiting for? Join us today!

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