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4 Must-Have Sweet Treats on Every Party Dessert Table

Mon, 2023-01-23

A dessert table filled with scrumptious cookies and other sweet treats will never fail to liven up a party. An outstanding-looking dessert table can serve as a wonderful conversation starter while also giving your guests something to munch on. With proper planning and finesse, it could also serve as a memorable finale that will have people talking about it even after the party is over. But here’s the catch. Putting together a dessert table does not just involve throwing bits of brownies, cheesecakes, and cookies you purchased from a random online bakery in Singapore. To have a fun and interesting dessert table for your party, you have to pick out the best desserts that can bring in that “wow factor” and bedazzle all of your guests!

Here is a list of desserts you'll definitely want to have for your next party.

1. Crazy For Cookies

Cookies are a mainstay for any dessert table. Classic must-haves at any party or get-together, these delicious little treats are sure to emit a nostalgic aroma that will easily bring a smile to anyone’s face. And given the endless variety and combinations of cookies available, why not go all out and fill your dessert table with cookies that will cater to varying taste buds? For the adventurous who revel in contrasting flavours and textures, you cannot go wrong by ordering wonderful creations like the Miso Brown Butter Cookie. Crafted to allow you and your guests to experience a bold new flavour combo, this sweet and salty caramelised cookie will likely leave your guests wanting more. But if you and your guests are chocolate lovers and cannot resist the classics, then the 55% Dark Chocolate Cookie will make you feel like you're in chocolate heaven the moment you take your first bite.

2. Begging For More Brownies

Let’s be real — no one can resist a rich and fudgy brownie that will just melt in your mouth. And as the saying goes “A brownie a day keeps the frownies away”. Whether you love them gooey, cakey, or fudgy, these chocolatey treats will never fail at perking up your guests’ day. For those with a sweet tooth, the Ovomaltine Blackout Brownie will bring your guests on a sensational gastronomic adventure. Boasting a fudgy Ovomaltine filling that is complemented by dark cocoa and crushed peanuts. It clearly has a good mix of saltiness, sweetness, crunchiness, and softness, all in one bite!

3. Cupcake Cravings

Cupcakes are arguably the most versatile dessert. It comes in a whole lot of flavours and might come with all sorts of toppings, making it more fancy than your usual desserts. It's also a really fun option to have for your dessert table as it can fit and adapt to any kind of theme you want. If you want a refreshing vibe, you'll definitely enjoy this Strawberry Speculoos Cupcake. Its exciting appearance and fresh strawberry topping are sure to have your guests lining up to have a taste. Or if you're looking for something a bit more sophisticated, try out this Early Grey Lavender Cupcake.

4. Captivating Cheesecakes

Cheesecake is one of the most popular and preferred desserts in Singapore. Its rich and creamy texture is a hit amongst people of all ages. Cheesecakes also often come in different variations and different flavours. For your dessert table, you can never go wrong with a Classic Basque Cheesecake. The bitter exterior perfectly complements the sweet interior, giving your guests an enjoyable culinary experience. 

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