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Private Baking Classes

Baker’s Brew provides private baking lessons for groups of friends or family members who are keen to have a bonding activity together through baking. By signing up for our classes, you and your loved ones get to experience hands-on and interactive instruction from our world-class patisseries. Whether you have baking aficionados or beginners in the group, the experience of creating something together will surely be memorable.

Exclusive Baking Lessons for You and Your Group

If you and your loved ones are looking for a new hobby that you can bond over, why not sign up for private baking lessons? Our private baking classes give you and your loved ones exclusive lessons with our professional instructors outside of our in-person baking class in Singapore. Booking our private lessons allows you to have lots of fun with your friends or family members during the activity without worrying about disrupting other students in the class.

In addition, our baking instructors will give you undivided attention during the private baking class. Throughout the cake making or pastry making process, they will check on how you’re doing and give you useful feedback, so you can continue to refine your skills even outside of the class. By the end of the private baking class, our goal is to give you and your group a sense of satisfaction in your delectable creations.

Refer to the Class Listing for the entire list of baking classes you can choose from.

Please contact us with your preferred:
1) Date
2) Timing
3) Number of pax 
4) Choice of workshop

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Booking is only confirmed once payment has been received.

Enjoy Private Baking Classes at Baker’s Brew

Bake yummy treats with your friends and family by signing up for our private baking classes today! Whether you make pastry snacks or artisan cakes, we make sure you and your loved ones leave our workshop with a newfound love for baking.

If you want to know more about our private baking lessons, reach out to us. Kindly also check our terms and conditions for baking classes before getting started.