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Lychee Mango Cake (NEW LOOK)


GST incl.

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Now Made With Fresh Cream

Two layers of lychee-infused sponge, filled with mango curd and refreshing chunks of mango. Finished with a chantilly cream and topped off with lychee cream peaks and jelly balls.

The ideal choice for a birthday cake if you’re looking for something fruity!

Each cake order comes with 1pc 5.5" gold candle and 1pc "Happy Birthday Topper".


6" - Recommended for 6-8 pax 

8" - Recommended for 10-15 pax 

10" - Recommended for 25-30 pax 

Storage and Shelf Life
Best consumed immediately on date of purchase for optimal taste and flavour. Keep chilled for up to 2 days. Stable in air-conditioned environment for ~1 hour. 

Note: This product contains traces of wheat, nuts and dairy.


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Delivery will be by third party and charges will be $15 onwards.

Delivery timing will be between 10am-6pm.


Any changes to the existing classic bake designs in terms of colour and make, will not be recommended. Any request for changes, would be classified under customisation and it will be subjected to additional charges. You may email us at enquiries@bakersbrew.com with your request. We will revert within 1-2 working days.

Customer Review

4.8 (38 reviews)
The cake is beautiful in decoration. The cream tastes very fresh and soft. The inner layer is filled with fragrant mango bits with the right texture. Cake sponginess is light and overall sweetness Is just nice with lingering but not overpowering Lychee flavor. Color coordination with yellow and pink inner layers are good.
My family love the jelly and mango chunks hidden in the cake.
The cake is pretty and nice, just that a bit sweet. Thanks
Taste approved by 20~60+ year olds. I like the decoration, jelly and mango chunks hidden in the cake.
Refresh with light cream (not too creamy) with mangos and lychees flavours. All love it qnd wanted 2nd serve. Thank you
Is nice some of the colleague is sweet but some said just nice. The first look of the cake is amazing look tempting..
Cake isn't too sweet and it isn't dry.
Like - The cake is beautifully presented and it tastes delicious. Like - Unlike other cakes., this cake is not too sweet. Like - Size is just nice for 3 to 4 pax. Meh - The lychee taste is probably from essence, as we don't find any lychees in the cake. Dislike - We do find the cake too crumbly. Dislike - It is also a pity that the Baker cannot customise message on the face of the cake, there is so much space. Dislike - Welcome voucher sent to you in email after you order your 1st cake... So in order to use voucher, you need to order again. It's actually bad tactic to retain customer.
The cake's design was captivating, striking a delicate balance that accentuated its gentle sweetness. Its blend of flavors was intriguing without overwhelming the palate with excessive sweetness. Remarkably light and refreshingly fresh, it garnered unanimous praise from all who indulged.
Once again, not disappointing at all. Cake is light fluffy and tender. The lychee mango flavour goes well together into a harmonious tropical tingle in the mouth. Normally my family would finish a cake this size in 2 to 3 sittings but we almost finished this at one go!