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What Your Favourite Cake Says About You

Mon, 2023-02-13

Let’s face it — everyone has a favourite type of cake. From the classic chocolate cake to the unique durian cakes that pack a delicate punch, there is no denying that these sweet bakes are delightful treats that can be savoured and enjoyed at any time. But beyond the fact that no one can resist a wonderful slice of cake, did you know that your favourite flavours that always hit the spot can say a lot about your personality traits? Yes, you read that right! There’s indeed so much more to cake flavours than their taste profiles — they can tell loads about one’s personality just by their first choice when it comes to special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings! So, what does your choice of cake say about you?

1. Classic Chocolate Cake

No drama please, chocolate cake lovers say. When you love a classic like our Chocolate Symphony, you’re fuss-free and much like the symphony of different chocolate tastes and textures in this rich and decadent cake, you’re rich through and through. But don’t be fooled — while these individuals might be a kid at heart and love keeping their distance from unpleasant people, they won’t hesitate to be upfront with you and put you in your place. A chocolate cake lover is dominant yet emotionally vulnerable, sweet and fun-loving but simultaneously keeps their distance from obnoxious people — the epitome of perfected balance.

2. Caffeine Fuelled Coffee Cake

Does the mere thought of baking our classic Coffee Melaka cake give you an energy boost? The rich coffee cake, topped with nuts for extra texture or not, boasts flavours that sneak up to you slowly, only to hit you with an unrivalled amount of caffeine fuelled strength. We’re talking about a genuinely warm-hearted person jumping off the walls the instant they get a hit of their ultimate driving source — caffeine. Introverted by nature, they’re the ones who will nitpick the minute details in your presentation slides. The king or queen of the business world, they give it their all, especially when it comes to controlling their own destiny. 

3. Chocolate Durian Cake

Unique and exploding with flavour, the presence of the rich and well-known King of Fruits is important to those who take pride in each bite of chocolate durian cake, and they’re not afraid to show off the fact that they’re lovers of one of the most pungent fruits in town. They value clarity and know exactly what they want in life. Being fans of one of the most controversial fruits ever known to mankind, Mao Shan Wang (MSW) infused cake lovers never feel the need to surround themselves with people all time — because quality matters more than quantity, and they’ve got their priorities set right. A fan of doing things differently, they never shy away from a challenge. So, if you call yourself a daredevil, you’ve made yourself a partner in crime.

4. Cheesecakes

Talk about an adventure of a lifetime! Treading the thin line between living life to the fullest by taking risks all the time and being an organised individual that calculates everything so that you never fall through the cracks, you’re totally carefree yet love venturing out of the social norms to enjoy the finer things in life. Just like a classic cheesecake that leaves people confused as to whether it is a cake or not, people can’t quite put their finger on whether you are idealistic or a nice person who abides by a rigid moral system. We know you are a person of taste, and this attitude extends to every other aspect of your life. 

5. Fruit Cake

Fruit cake lovers are always raring to go. Always up to try something new and exciting, your curiosity knows no bounds. Creative, highly motivated and always open-minded, you’re often the go-to choice when someone needs a friend to hang with. Sweet right down to the core, passionate and always having a fresh take on life, you’re a real-life representation of our Lychee Mango cake

6. Cupcakes

Filled with surprises, you’re always on your feet. Just like a box of cupcakes, you have everyone in the palm of your hands due to your mysteriousness — which side of you will they see today? Small but feisty, you are by no means “vanilla” in your behaviour. Generous by nature, you have loads to offer and are also happy to express your opinions without hesitation to anyone who dares question your taste or preferences.

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