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5 Great Ideas for Surprise Birthday Cake for Boyfriend

Wed, 2023-04-05

Are you planning to surprise your boyfriend with a cake on his birthday? A birthday cake is a classic way to show someone how much you appreciate them. And for someone as special as your boyfriend, you might want a cake that not only brings a smile to their face when they first see it. You want a birthday cake that makes their taste buds happy, too.

For birthday cakes that look good and taste good, you have Baker’s Brew to have what you need. We have cakes with a variety of flavours, colours, designs, and sizes. If you need help finding the right one for your boyfriend, here are some suggestions: 

1. Black Cake

Though black birthday cakes aren’t the typical colours for a birthday, buying one as a gift for your boyfriend makes it even more memorable. Our black cakes come with a chic and mature cake design that best represents your boyfriend’s charming traits. To match the design, you get to choose any flavour from our selection that best suits your significant other’s taste. 

2. Liquor Cake 

Is your boyfriend a liquor connoisseur or enthusiast? Then, our Liquor Cakes will definitely be a birthday cake they’ll never forget. Our cake specialists handcraft liquor cake designs that stand out in any birthday celebration. Moreover, you can also opt for customising the cake design to incorporate your boyfriend’s favourite types of liquor. 

3. Luxury Cake

Spoil your man on his birthday with a stunning and delicious Luxury Cake. Whether you want to pair your magnificent gift with an equally grand cake or want the cake to speak for itself, we can have it made for you just in time to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday. Our cake specialists can create sophisticated designs and combine them with decadent flavours to give anyone who takes a bite out of our Luxury cakes a taste of opulence. 

4. Simple Birthday Cake

Even a simple birthday cake can be a meaningful gift for your boyfriend. Our ready-made cakes in Singapore are perfect for any celebration, especially birthdays. We have a wide selection of artisanal cake flavours for you to give your boyfriend to show how much you cherish him. Our recommendation to satisfy your boyfriend’s sweet tooth is our best-selling Ondeh-Ondeh Cake. If he loves all things chocolate, then our Chocolate Rhapsody would be a great indulgent present, too. 

5. Custom-Made Birthday Cake

How about a one-of-a-kind cake for your one-of-a-kind boyfriend? A customised birthday cake for your boyfriend shows how much you pay attention to him and the things he loves with flavours that will delight his taste buds. Our cake shop in Singapore is an expert in creating customised cakes for clients, including couples celebrating birthdays. Let us know how we should design your significant other’s birthday cake, and our professionals will give it an aesthetic touch that will make the gift the highlight of your boyfriend’s special day.

Surprise Your Boyfriend with a Birthday Cake from Baker’s Brew

Make your boyfriend’s birthday extra special with a delicious cake from Baker’s Brew. Whether you want a simple surprise birthday cake or a customised cake with unique designs, our cake shop has what you need. If you order a custom-made birthday cake for your boyfriend, we provide free delivery anywhere around Singapore. Just make sure to check out our Order and Delivery FAQs

If you want to do something different for your boyfriend’s birthday, why not celebrate it productively by joining a baking class? Instead of finding the right birthday cake for your significant other, you can bake it together. Baker’s Brew also offers baking classes that teach you how to make your own delectable desserts, like Mocha Meringue Cake and Mixed Berry Crepe Cake

Contact us to learn more about our cakes and baking classes.

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The 6 Best Cakes in Singapore for Mother’s Day

Wed, 2023-04-05

Mother’s Day is the occasion you show how much you appreciate your mom for her unconditional love and care. And what better way to show gratitude for everything she does than with a delicious cake in Singapore? If you’re looking for one that not only looks good but tastes good, Baker’s Brew has just what you need. Our cake shop provides ready-made and customised cakes that best represent how much your mom means to you.

We offer a variety of cake flavours that will delight their taste buds, whether your mother is a sweet tooth or not. Here are some of our Mother’s Day recommendations:

1. Yuzu Pear Blossom Cake

Our Yuzu Pear Blossom Cake is a part of our Spring Collection cakes and perfectly represents a mother’s sweet and delightful traits. This cake has floral notes with a refreshing combination of yuzu, strawberries, and pear flavours. It’s definitely the sweet treat your Mother deserves for all her hard work. 

2. Chocolate Rhapsody

Is your mother a chocolate lover? Then, our Chocolate Rhapsody cake will put a smile on their face. Another recommendation from our Spring Collection, this decadent chocolate cake offers rich and intense flavours unlike any other in Singapore. It’s made with the finest Valrhona Ariaga Chocolate 66%, giving you a velvety smooth texture that will melt in your mouth. The deep cocoa scent will awaken your senses and leave you wanting more with every bite. So, get your taste buds ready for a flavour experience that will have you on cloud nine!

3. Hokkaido Strawberry Shortcake

Our Hokkaido Strawberry Shortcake will be an excellent Mother's Day present if your mom prefers just the right amount of sweetness in her dessert. This delectable cake has layers of vanilla milk sponge and fresh cream filled with strawberry chutney and fresh strawberry chunks. Not only is this cake balanced with its delicious sweetness, but we've also added almond crumbs and sprinkled pistachio crumble around the base to give it a crunchy twist that'll have your taste buds dancing with joy! Treat your mom to a cake that will leave her feeling happy, satisfied, and on top of the world this Mother's Day!

4. Earl Grey Lavender Cake

Does your mother enjoy a warm cup of tea in the morning or afternoon? Then, our tea-flavoured cake would be a great present for Mother’s Day. Our Earl Grey Lavender Cake has two layers of earl-grey infused sponge and an earl-grey liquid cheese filling. It also comes with a two-tone lavender buttercream frosting and is topped with earl grey cream cheese peaks, macarons, and lavender sprigs. 

5. Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Why not give our best-selling cake to the best mom this coming Mother’s Day? Our Ondeh Ondeh Cake has been featured as one of Singapore’s Top Ten Hall of Fame Cakes in SimplyHer Magazine, and with good reason. Our signature cake has the perfect blend of local flavours that customers love, and indeed, your mom will love it, too. It comes with two layers of moist pandan sponge filled with fragrant gula melaka and desiccated coconut. It’s covered in two-tone coconut buttercream frosting topped off with toasted coconuts, coconut cookies, and Ondeh Ondeh balls. 

6. Custom-Made Cake

If you want to personalise your mom’s cake, you can order a customised cake from Baker’s Brew. Let us know what customised cake designs you want, and choose from our selection of ten different flavours. Our team can craft bespoke designs for your cake that best show how special your mother is to you. We even offer free delivery for our customised cakes within Singapore so that you can surprise them on the day.

Buy a Mother’s Day Cake Online!

Order your cake just in time for Mother’s Day, and give your mom something to smile about. Baker’s Brew offers a variety of cakes and pastries that makes every special occasion an even sweeter memory. You can stop by any of our cake shops within Singapore to buy our ready-made cakes or have your custom-made cakes delivered to your or your mom’s address. If you plan to have your customised cakes delivered, check out our Order and Delivery FAQs to learn more. You can also contact us for your inquiries.

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