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Dessert Box Delivery in Singapore

Spoil yourself or your loved ones with scrumptious pastries from Baker’s Brew. Inside our dessert gift box is an assortment of cupcakes, cookies, danishes, and other mouth-watering pastries. Check out our variety of options to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings, and have them delivered to your Singapore address. 

What’s in the Dessert Gift Box?

A dessert gift box from Baker’s Brew will sure make anyone’s day. Choose from our list of dessert gift boxes to be delivered to you or your special someone within  Singapore:

1. Breakfast Pastry Box

Our Breakfast Pastry Box comes in three different options, such as the Danish, Classic, and Assorted. The Danish Breakfast Pastry box comes with 2 pieces of different Danish flavours, such as blueberry, strawberry, and mango. On the other hand, the Classic Breakfast Pastry Box comes with 2 pieces of Butter Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, and a Kaya Escargot. If you opt for the assorted option, you’ll get one of each Danish Flavour along with a Butter Croissant and Pain au Chocolat. Delight yourself in decadent breakfast pastries, or gift them to someone special, so they can start their morning right. 

2. Teatime Box

Our Teatime Box consists of all our most popular pastries and new loaf cakes. The dessert gift box includes 4 assorted cupcakes, a slice of Earl Grey Lemon Loaf, Red Velvet Cheese Loaf, and 4 assorted macarons. It is packed with all the perfect bakes to pair with your favourite cup of tea.

3. Signature Cupcakes

Feast your eyes on our colourful box of Signature Cupcakes. However, its presentation isn’t the only appealing thing about it. This dessert gift box includes all our best-selling cupcake flavours in one, namely Ondeh Ondeh, Earl Grey Lavender, Lychee Mango, Salted Caramel Chocolate, Strawberry Speculoos, and Roasted Pistachio and Rose. 

4. Assorted Stuffed Cookies

Try our newest and most decadent box of stuffed cookies. This dessert gift box comes in 3 pieces of assorted stuffed cookies, including Miso Brown Butter Cookie, 55% Dark Chocolate Cookie, and Matcha White Chocolate Cookie. Enjoy its chunky and chewy flavour with every bite. 

5. Blackout Brownies

Want brownies for your teatime break or afternoon snack? Our assorted Blackout Brownies dessert gift box give you hearty flavours that will keep you wanting more. You can choose between our assorted box of 4 or our assorted box of 6. In our box of 4, you get brownies of different kinds, such as Seasalt, Peanut Butter, Lotus Biscoff, and Ovomaltine. If you get our box of 6, you get 2 pieces of the same flavour, which includes Seasalt, Peanut Butter, and Lotus Biscoff. 

Buy a Delicious Pastry Gift Box from Baker’s Brew

From exclusive pastries with a variety of flavours to different desserts in one set, buy yourself or your loved ones a gift box of these appetizing treats from Baker’s Brew. You can get started by ordering them on our website. If you want to know more about our bakes and our delivery policy within Singapore, feel free to contact us today.

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