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4 Things You Will Learn in Our Christmas Baking Classes

Tue, 2022-12-06

Christmas is just around the corner, and when the 25th of December finally comes around, it only means one thing — sharing love and caring for your family and friends with the best gifts and maybe even sweet treats! Since Christmas is all about celebrating with loved ones, and brightening up your days leading up to the brand-new year, sprinkling a little bit of festive sparkle will not do any harm. And what better way to celebrate the end of a long and hard year than with special Christmas bakes? Whether you’ve just dipped your toes into the world of baking or have years of experience ‘under your apron’, enrolling in Christmas-themed baking classes can give you a much-needed headstart to your festive baking sessions. 

Why You Should Take Baking Classes

Looking up recipes online and getting your festive bakes on more than suffices to create gorgeous savoury nibbles, right? If full-on show-stopping and delicious treats made by hand are what you are aiming for, then the best way to steer clear of any potential messy bakes that look far from pristine is to take up baking courses. But why?

From stimulating your senses and boosting your creativity to equipping you with the necessary skills to become a master baker, there are several reasons why you should take baking courses. And understanding that baking is indeed a juggling act and the careful attention to detail required to whip up desserts that will have your loved ones falling head over heels, we at Baker’s Brew have curated a list of Christmas-themed baking classes. With a team of professional instructors who are passionate about their craft, and promising to deliver a holistic baking experience like no other, here are a few things you can learn to whip up in our new December Adult Baking Classes:

1. Christmas Choux

Pâte à choux, which is a classic French dough, is used to make a wide range of pastries and has made a name for itself as being one of the most difficult pastries to make. With a dough that slowly transforms from a slimy mess to a smooth and shiny batter that bakes into perfect little puffs, all it takes is for one to master the basic techniques to bake the perfect choux. In our Christmas Choux baking class, you will learn several things. From learning how to prepare choux pastry to preparing vanilla crème diplomat, this 3-hour baking course will send you home with a set of pastries that’s crispy on the outside and airy on the inside.

2. Yuzu Kinako Yule Log

The Yule log cake is one of the most traditional Christmas desserts that has been around for centuries. In addition, with its ingrained link to the Norse god of lightning, the Yule log cake is a must-have during every Christmas celebration. Putting a twist to the ever-popular log-shaped chocolate cake, our Yuzu Kinako Yule Log is filled with a bold layer of yuzu curd! Paying homage to another Christmas tradition, this baking course will also teach you how to decorate your very own log cake with gingerbread houses to complete the holiday experience. Throughout this 3.5-hour course, work with royal icing and learn how to make the softest swiss rolls that you can take home for your family.

3. Peppermint Wonderland Cake

Yearning to learn how to bake a show-stopping centrepiece cake this Christmas? Look no further than our Peppermint Wonderland Cake baking course. Learn how to decorate your own 5-layered cake with gingerbread and assemble your own Christmas tree made with icing. Focusing on the decorating aspect, you’ll learn how to frost and ombre a tall dark chocolate peppermint cake that has been pre-baked and work your magic to create a masterpiece that will turn heads.

4. Passionfruit Double Chocolate Log Cake

A different take on the log cake, our Passionfruit Double Chocolate Log Cake baking course is one that will tantalise the taste buds with every bite. Featuring a tangy passionfruit sponge layer that is filled with crunchy feuilletine and dark chocolate, the light white chocolate Chantilly cream that is layered on top is simply the icing on the cake — literally. Throughout the 3.5-hour baking class, learn how to make and bake the swiss sponge in a special mould and assemble the 6-inch Passionfruit Double Chocolate Log Cake that you can take home just in time for Christmas!

Join Our Baking Lessons in Singapore Today

Here’s the thing — any well-baked good can become the ultimate Christmas-themed treat with a little creative decorating. However, for that to be possible, you’ll need to have the basics in place to avoid any unexpected kitchen disasters. With the help of professional instructors at Baker's Brew, you will learn how to make the most delicious Christmas-themed desserts from scratch, discover new recipes, and learn the proper decorating techniques. Browse our list of baking lessons and enrol in your preferred cake decorating or baking course in Singapore today. From baking courses for beginners to baking lessons for the experienced, we offer them all! What are you waiting for? Join us today!

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