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All about wedding cakes

Sat, 2016-06-04

Wedding Cakes have been around since the Roman Times, though at that time only "breads" were used as cakes were not even invented yet. In the past, wedding cakes seemed to be more popular as people knew the true meaning and symbolism behind that tall, beautiful dessert masterpiece. Here are some insights you probably never knew about wedding cakes, and why it should still be at your wedding!

Have you ever wondered why traditional weddings have always been pure white? Needless to say, white represents purity. So typically, brides in the early days have always known to be pure, innocent and gentle. The cake and the colour it had simply symbolized the bride's purity. Well, if the colour of your wedding cake directly translates to how "pure" you are, then I'm sure no one would have wanted a black cake. 

Not only that, fine sugar was not readily available in the past. Bakers needed equipments and money to get icing sugar for their cakes. It's said that the whiter your cake is, the wealthier you are! 

I don't think I've seen any single tiered wedding cakes around. Keep the shorties for birthdays! :P 

In ancient times, couples would try to stack as many cake layers as possible for their wedding cakes as that symbolizes the number of children you'd have. So the taller your cake is, the bigger your family will be! So if you're planning to be a soccer team mom/dad, make sure you get a tall cake at your wedding reception!

This tradition has probably lost its meaning through the years, wedding tiers now largely represent style. The higher your cake, the more glamourous it is. This is also why at BBS, we always do a four-layered cakes for our brides-to-be. 

Every couple with a wedding cake will cut their cake together just before toasting to their guests. And while we do the same for birthdays to symbolise the acknowledgement of the special occasion... cutting of your wedding cake as a couple actually means so much more.

The groom always puts his hand over his bride while holding the cake knife to represent his ability to take care of his new wife and family. Once the cake has been cut, the groom will feed his bride and the bride will go second as a ritual to represent their commitment in providing for each other. 


These traditions, in my opinion, are so meaningful and it'll be a pity if one day people don't know why wedding cakes should always be present at weddings. Whether or not you're a traditional like me who believes in the symbolic meaning of weddings, it's always good to know why such beliefs passed down from way back are still around!

The next time you're at a wedding, remember: wedding cakes are not just desserts or for show, they symbolise the start of new phase of a couple's life together. 

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