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Gougères & Cheesy Breadsticks


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 Gougères & Cheesy Breadsticks Online Class

The Cheesy-licious journey continues! In this easy-to-follow-along class, join us as we craft crisp Breadsticks and chewy Gougères that are perfect treats any time, any day.

If you are planning for your next picnic, roadtrip, or holiday, these cheesy munchies are ideal home bakes that are sure to satisfy your cravings! In this exclusive online class, we have simplified the ever-complex choux pastry for you to easily replicate from the comfort of your own kitchen. These Parmesan breadsticks are a breeze to whip up too!

Cheese the day and learn how to make these yummy delights! It doesn’t get much cheddar than this ;)

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to make Choux Pastry from scratch
  • How to incorporate cheese into Choux Pastry (Gougères)
  • How to make Breadsticks
  • How to incorporate cheese into Breadsticks

Online Course Summary
By attending this course, you will learn how to make ~25 Cheesy Breadsticks (~15") and 30-35 Gougères from scratch.

Class Duration: 2.5 hours
Class Type: Online class via Zoom

Materials & Equipment Required:

Basic Equipment
- Baking Tray
- Measuring Spoons
- Medium Bowl x2
- Oven
- Parchment/Baking Paper
- Small Pot
- Spatula
- Weighing Scale

- Mixing Bowl with Paddle
- Piping Bag
- Round Piping Tip (#804/#805/#803/2A/15MM/11MM)
- Sieve

Cheesy Breadsticks
- Bench Scraper
- Big Bowl
- Brush
- Cling Wrap/Damp Cloth
- Mixing Bowl with Dough Hook

The full ingredient list and workbook will be sent via email once the class booking is confirmed.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.