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Heng Heng Mahjong Cakes

Mahjong is a popular pastime in Singapore for all ages. It is a social game with strategy and puzzle elements that will test the player’s skills, strategies, and speed with just a little bit of luck needed to get that winning combination. Though traditionally played during the Chinese New Year, many Singaporeans now have their own Mahjong tables and sets at home for endless hours of year-round play!

This tile-based game has captured the hearts of almost every Singaporean, so we at Baker’s Brew thought it would only be natural to create Mahjong-themed cake designs! From number cakes to delectable tile cupcakes, our collection of Heng Heng Mahjong cakes and cupcakes will definitely be a sweet centerpiece dessert during a Mahjong lover’s birthday celebration or a Mahjong tournament with friends.

Buy Delicious Mahjong Fondant Cakes

If you are looking forward to celebrating the birthday of a Mahjong enthusiast – whether it’s an elderly family member celebrating his 60th birthday or for someone special who is turning 21 – Baker’s Brew has the perfect birthday cake for them. Our Heng Heng Mahjong Number Cake puts a unique spin on traditional number cakes with decorations such as Mahjong tiles, gold ingots, and poker chips. 

We also recommend our Heng Heng Mahjong Table, an intricately designed cake which features the 十三么 (Shí Sān Yāo) or Thirteen Wonders winning hand made out of fondant. Any avid Mahjong player will know how difficult it is to achieve this hand, making it a perfect way to wish your Mahjong-loving friend happy birthday as well as the best of luck in their upcoming Mahjong games!

Have you been planning to arrange a Mahjong session with your family and friends? Take your game night to the next level with our perfect Mahjong cupcake desserts! Topped with hand-made edible fondant tiles from the Thirteen Wonders hand, our Heng Heng Mahjong 13 幺 Cupcakes are surely a delicious, sweet treats for your fellow Mahjong kakis to enjoy! For something a little smaller, try our Heng Heng Mahjong Cupcakes which comes in a box of 6 perfect for an intimate game night with friends.

Order Mahjong Fondant Cakes in Singapore Today!

You don’t have to wait any longer, because here at Baker’s Brew, we make sure that all avid Mahjong players can have a birthday blast with our Mahjong-themed cake and cupcakes! Send your birthday wishes to someone special with our Heng Heng Huat Huat Tile and Heng Heng Mahjong Cake, which will surely be a sweet treat during the celebration.

To place an order for our Heng Heng Mahjong cakes and cupcakes, simply click on your design of choice, and order through our catalogue below. These cakes are readily available for purchase with a lead time of 4 working days.

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