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Longevity Cake in Singapore

Longevity cakes are a popular birthday or celebration cake choice amongst the Chinese community in Singapore, particularly for events such as one’s 60th or 70th birthday.

In Chinese culture these birthdays were seen as major milestones and were commemorated with grand celebrations with one’s friends and family. Traditional gifts for such an occasion include a sweet bun called a longevity peach which has been coloured pink and white to resemble a real peach, and has a sweet filling made from lotus or red bean paste in the centre. Gifting your loved one a longevity peach is akin to wishing them longevity, prosperity, and happiness for many years ahead in their old age.

Over the years this tradition has adapted to keep up with the times in the form of longevity cakes. Longevity cakes are usually decorated with traditional Chinese symbols of longevity and fortune such as peaches, koi fish, dragons, and the character 寿 (shòu, “longevity”). Mahjong-themed designs are also increasingly popular both as a nod to the popular game and as a wish for the celebrant to receive good and auspicious luck in the years to come. Some modern longevity cakes may even come with a flavoured filling as a nod to the traditional longevity peach.

Longevity Cakes for Every Celebration

Want to make these milestone birthday celebrations extra special for your loved ones? Here at Baker’s Brew our selection of longevity cakes feature traditional longevity symbols reimagined in a modern way, such as the Traditional Oriental Longevity which features intricate gold dragon detailing, the Red White Cherry Blossom with fondant peaches, and the Sunset Longevity with fondant toppers and peaches. 

Looking for a sweet dessert that is creatively designed? Our selection of longevity cakes also have a blend of hand-crafted traditional and modern details like the Oriental Cheongsam Longevity with handmade oriental buttons, the Hand-Painted Gold Feather Longevity with a hand-painted gold phoenix, and the Oriental Medallion that has a hand-painted 寿 medallion topper. 

Want to add a personal touch to your longevity cake? Fret not because Baker’s Brew not only has the most intricate cake designs but also allows our customers to choose their own flavours too! To top all of these, you can also add a personalised message on the cake board to wish your relative or friend many prosperous years to come.

Buy Longevity Cakes in Singapore

Want a cake that is fuss-free, affordable, and with a bespoke touch to suit your celebration? We at Baker’s Brew are able to cater to your needs with our celebratory and birthday cakes and signature cupcakes box for all special occasions! Our celebratory collection is specifically designed based on popularity to suit a wide range of celebrations. The designs are suitable for kids and adults who prefer a rustic touch to their cake. We even have cakes suited for longevity celebrations in Singapore. Want a customised cake design instead? We’ve got you covered with our wide range of design inspirations for you to choose from. 

To place an order for our celebratory cakes and cupcakes, simply click on your design of choice, and order through our catalogue below. These cakes are readily available for purchase with a lead time of 4 working days.

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