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Celebrate time-old traditions
of the Mid-Autumn Festival
with Baker’s Brew’s Timeless Treasures

This year, we are introducing our new line of baked mooncakes with both traditional and unique flavours.

Enjoy the traditional flavours of White Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake and the nostalgic taste of the classic Ondeh Ondeh Mooncake. 

Explore unique flavour combinations with our Roasted Pistachio and Rose Mooncake and Hawthorn Red Bean Chia Seed Mooncake.


White Lotus with Single Yolk

Low in Sugar!

Celebrate this festival with an all-time favourite, the White Lotus with Single Yolk.

Enjoy the festivities without guilt as you indulge in our low-sugar version.

Ondeh Ondeh

Signature Flavour

Continue the celebration with familiar flavours of our Signature  Ondeh Ondeh mooncake.

Savour the classic combination of pandan-infused lotus paste together with the gula melaka and coconut filling.

Roasted Pistachio and Rose

Ladies' Favourite!

Roasted Pistachio and Rose mooncake is inspired by one of our most popular cake flavours.

Delight in the blend of the nutty flavours of the chunky roasted pistachio paste and the subtle floral fragrance of rose lotus paste.

Hawthorn Chia Seed with Red Bean

The Healthier Choice

Experience our most unique flavour for this year's collection, the Hawthorn Chia Seed Red Bean.

Relish the tart and fruity flavours of the hawthorn chia seed lotus paste, rounded by the earthy notes of the red bean paste.

Pricing & Delivery

Baker's Brew's Timeless Treasures Mooncakes will retail for $68 for a box of four (4) assorted mooncakes.

Available for purchase from 7 August to 4 October, or while stocks last.

First collection and delivery date is on 18 September. Fixed $15 islandwide delivery fee.

Early Bird Discounts

Super Early Bird (7-31 August)
25% OFF ($51.25 U.P. $68) with code 'TTSUPEREARLY'

Early Bird (1-20 September)
20% OFF ($54.4 U.P. $68) with code 'TTEARLY'

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20+ boxes
30% OFF ($47.6 U.P. $68) with code 'TTCORP30'

50+ boxes
35% OFF ($44.2 U.P. $68) with code 'TTCORP35'

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