Spiderweb Mirror Glaze Entremet

Come join us and learn how to glaze your entremet with the famous eye catching spiderweb mirror glaze. The entremet consists of the local and earthy flavours of Coconut Panna Cotta, Pumpkin Cremeux, Glutinous Rice Sponge Cake and a refreshing lime mousse.

Learn new techniques in making this layered entremet cake; Such as an alternative cake sponge using Glutinous Rice Flour and your very own glossy glaze. In addition to that, learn the secret to achieving the famous Spiderweb Effect Glaze and glaze your own 7’ entremet that will definitely impress friends and family alike.

About the Course

By attending this course, you will learn:

Day One (3.5 hours):

  1. How to make a refreshing lime mousse
  2. How to prepare a coconut Panna Cotta and Pumpkin Cremeux layer inserts for entremet
  3. How to bake a Glutinous rice sponge cake
  4. How to make a white mirror glaze
  5. Assembling the entremet cake using the upside down method

 *At the end of day one, your assembled cake will be left to set in the freezer overnight.

Day Two (2 hours):

  1. How to prepare the mirror glaze and achieve a shiny and glossy finish
  2. Glazing a frozen entremet cake to achieve the spiderweb glazing effect


  • Duration: 5.5 Hours (Over two days)
  • Type: Full Hands-on
  • Recommended age: 21 Years Old and Above
  • Equipment, ingredients and packaging will all be provided

*Students will work in PAIRS to prepare the components but will assemble their own 7" Spiderweb Mirror Glaze Entremet INDIVIDUALLY