Religieuse (Choux au Craquelin)

A Religieuse is a classic French dessert named after nuns for its quaint stacked design. Take home resplendent towers of Raspberry Rose, and statuesque sets of Honey Pistachio Religieuse.
Composed of 2 choux puffs filled with diplomat cream or whipped ganache, this is the class for you to create the High Tea set of your dreams! Dedicate your time to learn about choux and craquelin techniques, and seek new ways to spruce up a plain cream puff. You won’t believe how divine these delicacies taste!

About the Class

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to make and pipe Choux puff
  • How to assemble a Reliqieuse
  • How to make and utilise Craquelin (Raspberry & Pistachio)
  • How to make Raspberry pastry & Diplomat cream
  • Demonstration on Lace tuile (Raspberry & Honey)
  • Demonstration on Honey Pistachio whipped ganache


  • Duration: 3.5 Hours.
  • Type: Full Hands-on.
  • Recommended age: 16 Years Old and Above.
  • Equipment, ingredients and packaging will all be provided.
  • Students will each get to bring back 4 each of Raspberry Rose and Honey Pistachio Religieuse.

*Students will work INDIVIDUALLY to make the craquelin, choux puff, raspberry pastry and diplomat cream, as well as assembly of 8 Religieuse.