Minion Sweet Potato Tear-Apart Bun

Bello!!! What is Carl and Phil looking at in wonder…? Why is Stuart irritated, and is Dave actually fearful of him…and who is that smiley guy in the center?? These guys are so cute, you can’t bear to eat them. This class is a different take on the popular water roux method where glutinous rice flour is used in replacement of wheat flour to give that soft, tear-apart texture. Come learn how to make yummy sweet potato fillings that would be used in this recipe as well!

About the Course

By attending this course, you will learn the following:

  • How to prepare glutinous rice roux
  • How to prepare soft bread dough with REAL sweet potato incorporated in dough
  • How to prepare homemade healthy sweet potato filling
  • How to shape and colour dough
  • How to decorate minions

Class Duration: 5 hours

Class Type: Hands on, Bread Making Class

Bring home 5 minion buns, specially baked and decorated by yourself!

Note: This is a pair work class, baking in a pair and decorating as an individual