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Burger & Fries Chiffon Deluxe

Join Chef Susanne (@Susanne.decochiffon) to make a Happy Burger and Fries Chiffon Cake Meal that will make any child or young-at-heart smile!
This is fully hands-on and each participant will bring home a pair of cute 6” burger and fries cakes.

What you will learn:
- Bouncy, yummy and fluffy chiffon cake recipe
- How to bake various chiffon cake fillings
- How to make smooth and stable meringue and correct folding techniques
- How to shape and cut various shapes entirely from cake
- How to assemble the burger and fries together
- Vanilla-chocolate chiffon cake recipe

• Duration: 4 Hours.
• Type: Full Hands-on.
• Recommended age: 16 Years Old and Above.
• Equipment, ingredients and packaging will all be provided.

*Students will work in PAIRS to make some components, but will each go home with x1 set of Happy Burger and Fries Chiffon Cake Meal