Braided Brioche Wreath

Of French origin, the Brioche is easily one of the most well-loved holiday bread. Be amazed as we transform humble ingredients into a wonderful, cinnamon-perfumed braid to enjoy with your loved ones! laisser cuire! *Flavour: Chocolate Cinnamon

About the Course

By attending this course, you will learn the following:

  • The essential techniques of kneading bread dough by hand
  • How to proof and develop bread to its optimum
  • How to handle and braid soft dough
  • How to make a chocolate cinnamon filling suitable for many sweet breads

Class Duration: 4 hours

Class Type: Hands-on, Bread Making Class

Bring home a Braided Brioche Wreathe , specially baked by yourself!

Note: Each student will work INDIVIDUALLY to make a total of one Braided Brioche Wreathe