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4D TOTO Cupcakes


GST incl.

In need of some inspiration for lucky numbers? Introducing the cousin of our Heng Heng Mahjong Cupcakes; they’re topped with shiny gold coins and the iconic lottery tickets that everyone recognises.

Opt for our Heng Heng Mahjong Collection for the full experience!

Please scan your 4D/TOTO slips and upload your picture as a pdf document through google drive. Do remember to set the viewing permissions to public for us to access the image! If you do not have any actual ticket


Available in a box of 6 cupcakes each. Cupcake liners will come either in black or white.

4D and Toto slips are printed on an edible icing sheet.

Note: This product may contain traces of wheat, nuts and dairy. 

Kindly email us at enquiries@bakersbrew.com with your request, and we will revert within 1-2 working days.


  1. Any changes to the existing design are subject to additional charges. 
  2. Coloured cream contains food-grade colouring which might cause stains.
  3. Pictures are for reference only, all our cakes are handcrafted based on individual order therefore slight variation is considered acceptable especially when the size and number of tiers differ from the sample image provided.

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