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Prestige Series

"Once in awhile, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
Love gives us a fairy tale."
Let us add the finishing touches to your fairytale wedding. Our prestige series brings to you the finest, most refined cake designs of our vast cake series. Exclusively tailored for our clients, each of these cakes are a reflection of your taste and style. Every cake that goes out of our studio are delicately handcrafted and meticulously designed with utmost excellence. 
Whether is it a floral garden, sun-kissed beach, lavish ballroom or a ceremonial religious wedding, our prestigious wedding cakes will compliment you on your special day. Let us surround your room with more love and warmth, and light up your reception with this romantic centrepiece.
One in a million, a cake that speaks to you.
"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite."
Every wedding cake should be just as memorable as one's love story. Tell us your once-in-a-lifetime love story and join us in discussion to create a wedding cake that solely belongs to you. Everyone's fairytale is unique and we truly believe that there will always be that one cake meant for you. 
Like the love story of venus and mars, we dream to marry our clients' styles and personalities, significant events you have both shared while adding elements of your dream cake to illuminate an extraordinary spark - just like the one that brought two souls together into one. Share your beautiful day with us and let us bring your dream wedding cake to life. 
 Your first glance fell on the heart of your other half, we'd love to steal your second.