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Elegant Series

"Simplicity is the key note of all true Elegance"

The Elegant Series is ideal for a classic and timeless party. These cakes are crafted using luscious swiss meringue buttercream, giving texture to your cakes, and making it look chic and stylish. 

From a single colour tint, to ombre hues, elegant cakes are suitable for minimalist, toned down weddings and birthday parties.



If you need a classic and simple idea for a beautiful cake, look no further than rosette swirls! These beautiful swirls form a garden of roses on your cake, creating a remarkable masterpiece all on its own. 



The Rustic style is not about perfection, but it still looks sophisticated and stylish. Rustic style cakes evoke a gorgeous homespun feel, lending an honest and simple charm to your celebration. Rustic cakes can be naked, semi naked or fully frosted but with skewed strokes. They can be stunningly paired with fresh flowers and seasonal fruits to create a truly Pinterest worthy shot!



Buttercream ruffles, also known as buttercream frills, are a dramatic yet sweet embellishment to your cake design, like gentle waves caressing the shore. A ruffle buttercream cake will definitely be a stunning masterpiece for your celebration.