Corporate Workshops

At Baker’s Brew, we specialise in small to medium sized corporate workshops that foster collaboration and help to build effective teams. We understand that whether you are a leader or an employee, a department or an organisation, open communication is key to maintaining a successful team.

Through our interactive baking workshops and team challenges, we aim to provide a unique and positive learning experience that encourages open communication in a fun yet relaxing environment.

All our baking workshops are conducted by our patient, friendly and experienced instructors. We ensure that our participants not only learn the fundamentals of baking and produce delicious bakes, but also have fun and engage with their colleagues at the same time.

For corporate workshop enquiries, email us at To help us assist you better, kindly state your preferred dates and estimated number of participants.

Classic Bake-Off Challenge

$ 68.00per person

Duration: 3 hours
Capacity: 15 - 35 pax

In teams of 4 to 6, learn how to bake one of our delicious cupcake flavours from scratch and master the basic piping techniques. Each team will have the opportunity to show their creativity in decorating their own cupcakes and pit their skills against other teams in an exciting bake off challenge!

 Choose one of the following cupcake flavours to learn: Ondeh Ondeh | Earl Grey Lavender | Lychee Mango | Chocolate Speculoos | Lemon Passionfruit | Red Velvet

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Supermarket Dash

$ 98.00per person

Duration: 3.5 hours
Capacity: 15-35 pax

This challenge emphasizes on teamwork and creativity, and participants will gain an appreciation of how new flavours are created in a bakery. 

In teams of 4 to 6, watch our instructor’s demonstration of how to bake a basic cupcake recipe. Each team will then brainstorm their own unique flavours and take part in a foot race to the nearest supermarket with vouchers to purchase additional ingredients! Each team will be guided on how to create their own unique cupcakes with their chosen ingredients. The session will conclude with a food tasting and voting segment to determine the winning team with the best cupcakes!

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Mini Tarts Galore

$ 98.00per person

Duration: 3-3.5 hours
Capacity: 10 - 30 pax

A fully hands-on pastry baking workshop suitable for groups that wish to learn a new skill and have fun at the same time. Learn how to bake up to 6 types of mini tarts, including popular flavours such as Lemon Meringue  Strawberry Matcha and Thai Milk Tea. In this session, all pastries are made by hand and easy to replicate at home. Enjoy an stress-free baking session with your colleagues and savour your freshly baked tarts with a cup of tea!

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