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Carrot Cake 11

Justin Hee (Head Instructor)NoviceAdult Baking ClassCake BakingUpper Thomson

GST incl.

12 Nov 2016 (Sat)
10.00 am - 1.00 pm

The bestselling classic cake in our studio! 

Our carrot cake has received plenty of positive reviews and customers come back yearning for more! This recipe is the lightest and most enticingly moist carrot cake you will ever come across!


Content of Class:

  • Introduction of ingredient
  • A step by step demonstration on how to prepare brown butter
  • Participants will proceed with making their own brown butter
  • A step by step demonstration on how to bake carrot cake layers
  • Participants will proceed with baking their own carrot cake layers
  • A step by step demonstration on how to prepare cream cheese
  • Participants will proceed with preparing their own cream cheese
  • Basic demonstration of assembling cake layers and basic frosting.
  • Participants will assemble their cake layers and frost their cakes using cream cheese

Class Duration: 3 hours

Class Type: Hands on

Bring home a 6 inch Carrot Cake, specially baked by yourself!

Instructor Details

Justin Hee (Head Instructor)

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About Justin Hee (Head Instructor)

Justin's love for baking started out in his very own kitchen, as a hobby. Having been a home baker for 5 years, Justin's love for baking grew and he took a huge leap of faith making baking into a career. 

As an instructor in our studio, he strives to not only create a fulfilling and educational experience for our students; he also seeks to bring across the idea that baking breaks conversational barriers and brings people together.