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Christmas Promotion: Baking Classes in Dec

Baking Classes Discount | 20% OFF Selected Classes in December

Celebrating the holiday season! This December we are giving you an exclusive 20% Discount for selected classes. Sign up Now! Limited slots available!

Here are the classes:
1) French Macaron Galore 82 FULLY BOOKED
2) Christmas Peppermint Wreath Cake (Decoration Class) 4 FULLY BOOKED
3) Strawberry Shortcake 83 FULLY BOOKED
4) Milo Dinosaur Cake 6 FULLY BOOKED
5) Oreo Nutella Cake 39 FULLY BOOKED
6) Gluten-Free Fudge Cake 14 FULLY BOOKED
7) Christmas Cinnamon Rolls 3 FULLY BOOKED
8) Hummingbird Carrot Cake 8 
9) Roasted Pistachio and Rose Cake (NEW!) 50 FULLY BOOKED
10) Raspberry Lemon Meringue Cake 21 FULLY BOOKED
11) Rainbow Cake 69 FULLY BOOKED
12) Durian 4-Layered Cake 27 FULLY BOOKED
13) Classic Tiramisu (No Alcohol!) 24 FULLY BOOKED

* Number behind the class title indicates the Class Number not the price of the class.