The Gem Collection - Inspired by Exquisite Tea Flavours

Revel in Mid-autumn opulence with our premium selection of snowskin mooncakes inspired by exquisite tea flavours from around the world. Elegantly presented in a stylish white and gold jewelry box, our mooncakes are delicately handcrafted and made to resemble precious gemstones. Inspired by the age-old family tradition of enjoying mooncakes while sipping Chinese tea, the gem collection features 8 mini snowskin mooncakes that have been carefully infused with a variety of fine teas and blended with complementary fruit flavours. Classic flavours such as mango osmathus oolong are well liked by both young and old, while exotic tea flavours such as yuzu pear blossom, apple elderflower and melon mangosteen are bound to excite your tastebuds!

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