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Step-By-Step Guide | Courses

Sign up for a course via Baker's Brew website

Step 1

Proceed to our website under Classes > Skills Future Courses and select the course that you are interested in.

Step 2

Select your preferred date and timeslot and proceed to click “REGISTER NOW”.

Step 3

View your cart to confirm the details and proceed to checkout.

Step 4

Review your order and press submit.

  • For PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to make your payment.
  • For Bank Transfers, you will receive an email invoice with our bank account details.
    Please make the transfer and upload the payment confirmation to the link stated in the invoice.

Step 5

Once your payment has been verified, you will receive an email from us with the heading “Payment Receipt”, together with a PDF file attached to the email.

  • Bank transfer payment verification will take up to 2 working days

Submit your claim via Skills Future website

Step 6

Proceed to My Skillsfuture Website and select the relevant course.

Step 7

Click on “Claim Skillsfuture Credit” and you will be re-directed to log in using your Singpass.

Step 8

Proceed to input the course details. Under “supporting document”, upload the Invoice PDF file that was attached to the email you received previously.

Step 9

Upload the screenshot of your skills future claim to the link provided in the Payment Receipt email that you received in Step 5. Once uploaded, you can assume that your slot is confirmed.

Step 10 (Refund By Baker's Brew)

Once Skills Future have approved and disbursed the credits to Baker's Brew, we will refund you the same value of the approved Skills Future credits within one month upon course completion. The refund will be processed via your initial mode of payment (PayPal or Bank Transfer).

Important Notes

  • Skills Future will not process any claims on or after the course start date. If you do not process the claim before the course start date, Baker’s Brew Studio is under no obligation to refund the class fees to you. The class will be taken as a non-Skills Future funded class.

  • Upon a successful claim, the amount refundable is based on the amount of Skills Future credits that you have applied for which have been approved and disbursed by Skills Future to Baker’s Brew Studio. The refund process can take up to a maximum of one month after the course is completed.