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Junior Bakers' Camp (Age 8 - 12 Years Old)

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Junior Bakers' Camp (Ages 8 - 12 Years Old)

Our Junior Bakers’ Camp is a holiday program specially curated for kids from 8 to 12 years old to kick start on the fundamentals of baking and give them a first-hand experience on baking their own yummy treats. The main objective of this program is to instill interest in baking from a young age and to introduce the basic techniques of baking.

In this 4-day program, the children will be introduced to various aspects of baking which includes basic hygiene skills, identification of ingredients and equipment, measuring of ingredients, piping techniques as well as recipe reading! Throughout this whole program, kids will bring home a total of 4 mouth-watering baked goods which they will be making it by themselves from scratch! Upon the completion of the camp, the students will also be bringing home their very own “Master Junior Baker” certification as a form of achievement.

In this 4-Day Baking Camp, your child will learn:

Recipe 1: Rainbow Cupcakes
"Inside every child, there's a rainbow waiting to shine". This recipe will literally make your child's baking experience more colourful! Kids can have the opportunity to play with colours and devour the goodness of it as well!  We can guarantee you that these colourful cupcakes will put a smile on your child’s face. From mixing colours to piping their own cream cheese topping, this baking experience will be a memorable one indeed!

In this class, your child will learn:

  • How to prepare a vanilla cupcake recipe
  • Portion batter and mix colours
  • Pipe cream cheese topping and
  • Decorate with sprinkles

Recipe 2: Ombre Layered Mini-Cakes
What do you say to not one, not two but three-layered cake? They are not only cute buy they are also a happy treat to share with everyone! Let your kids have fun creating their own mini ombre layered cake in this class!

In this class, your child will learn:

  • How to prepare vanilla cake with different color gradient
  • Piping of buttercream
  • Assemble of cake
  • Decorating of cake using sprinkles and marshmallow

Recipe 3: Jam Pop Tarts
Kids can get ready to roll up their sleeves and start whipping up some amazing pop tarts which comes in a burst of colours! From preparing the dough to piping the coloured icing, you child will have the complete hands-on experience that they could have ever imagined. This class will definitely make your heart go "pop".

In this class, your child will learn:

  • How to prepare dough mixture
  • Knead and cut dough into rectangular shape
  • Portion jam filling onto kneaded dough
  • Pipe coloured icing onto the pop tarts

Recipe 4: Mini Fruits Tarts
Delicious and classic fruit tarts that is a must in every party! From making their own tart crust to the fillings and topping it off with colorful and tasty fruits. Come join us to make this easy and elegant mini dessert that everyone loves!

In this class, your child will learn:

  • How to prepare a tart base
  • Roll out tart dough
  • How to make tart fillings
  • Assemble and decorate tarts will fillings and fruits

Age Requirement:

  • Strictly for children ages 8 to 12 years old
  • Parent's are not required to join the class


  • Price: Includes total of 4 days of classes
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Aprons, equipment, ingredients and packaging will all be provided.
  • Maximum number of participants per class: 8 participants