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Oriental Jade Mooncakes (Assorted, Box of 4)

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Celebrate timeless tradition with your loved ones. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Baker’s Brew brings you a refreshing take on perennial flavours.

This year, our new line of handcrafted mooncakes marks an elevated return to the familiar. Experience the timeless taste of our White Lotus with Melon Seed, Oolong Osmanthus with Wolfberry, Pu’er with Pine Nut, and Red Date with Dried Longan mooncakes.

Each box includes one (1) of each of the following:

  1. White Lotus with Melon Seed and Single Yolk (Reduced Sugar) - This mooncake balances the mellow smoothness of lotus against a savoury, salted-yolk centre. Melon seeds add a natural nutty crunch.
  2. Oolong Osmanthus with Wolfberry and Single Yolk (Reduced Sugar) - Enjoy the fresh, fruity aroma of roasted Oolong, tempered with sweet and nutritious wolfberry. The result is a healthy combination of light floral tea tones and salty yolk, all ensconced in a 100% hand-made baked golden skin.
  3. Pu’er with Pine Nut and Single Yolk (Reduced Sugar) - This hand-baked delight features a full-bodied blend of Pu’er’s developed, earth tones. Studded with buttery pine nuts, the salted yolk marries both elements.
  4. Red Date with Dried Longan and Single Yolk (Reduced Sugar) - Filled with fortifying jujube and dried longan, this naturally sweet mooncake is perfect for the health-conscious. 


Weight: Each mooncake is approximately 160 grams.

Storage and Consumption: Store at room temperature. Once cut open, mooncakes need to be stored in the fridge in an airtight container and consumed within 5 days. 

Shelf Life: 2 weeks unopened from date of collection/delivery.


Available for collection and delivery from 2-21 September 2021.


Available from 2-21 September 2021 at any of our outlets, self-collection timing will be between 12pm-8pm.


Available from 2-21 September 2021, delivery timing will be between 10am-7pm.

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