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FAQ | Skillsfuture


1. How do I claim my SkillsFuture Credit?

Click here for a Step-by-Step Guide.

2. Why do I have to pay for my class?  I thought it is paid by Skills Future directly?

We collect the class fees in advance as a guarantee due to the high popularity and limited slots of Skills Future classes. Class fees are refunded based on the amount of Skills Future credits that you have applied for and have been approved and disbursed by Skills Future.

3. Are there any hidden administrative and miscellaneous costs?

No there are no hidden administrative costs. The price that you see listed is the final price, INCLUSIVE of GST.

4. Can I pay by cash?

 We currently only accept two modes of payment (Pay Pal or Bank Transfer) for our Skills Future courses.

5. What if I proceeded with a successful claim from Skills Future but did not sign up or pay for the class via Baker’s Brew Studio?

 We require full payment for the class in order confirm your slot. Should the class be full prior to receiving your payment, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to attend the class. We will contact Skills Future to facilitate the refund process.

6. When should I make my Skills Future claim?

Please proceed to the Skills Future website to submit your claim as soon as you receive the Payment Receipt (Supporting Document) from Baker’s Brew Studio. The last date for claims is the day before the start date of the course. Any claims made on or after the course start date will not be processed by Skills Future. The class will be taken as a non-Skills Future funded class.

7. Can Baker’s Brew Studio submit the Skills Future claims on my behalf?

Based on the Skills Future guidelines, Training Providers are unable to submit claims on the behalf of individuals. Students who are facing difficulties can proceed to any of our outlets for assistance on the claims process.

8. What if I proceeded to make payment to Baker’s Brew Studio but forgot to claim from Skills Future?

 Skills Future will not process any claims on or after the course start date. If you do not process the claim before the course start date, Baker’s Brew Studio is under no obligation to refund the class fees to you.The class will be taken as a non-Skills Future funded class.


9. How much will I be refunded after I have made my Skills Future Claim?

Once Skills Future have approved and disbursed the credits to Baker's Brew, we will refund you same value of the approved Skills Future credits within one month upon course completion. 


10. How will I be refunded?

The refund will be processed via your initial mode of payment (PayPal or Bank Transfer). We will inform you via email once the refund has been processed.

11. When will I be refunded?

The refund process can take up to a maximum of one month after the course is completed.

12. Will I get a refund if I attend the first day of a 2-day course (or more) and not the subsequent days?

Baker’s Brew Studio and Skills Future will not be obligated to refund you the amount if you have already attended the first day of the course.


13. What if I am unable to attend the class or request to transfer out of the class to another date?

There will be strictly no cancellation/transfer of classes upon confirmation. 
If you do not turn up for the class, decide to pull out of the class or intend to transfer to another class slot, you will be subjected to our company’s cancellation/transfer policy as per listed below:

14. Can I find a replacement for my slot if I am unable to attend?

 If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a replacement for your slot. However, the Skills Future credit can only be claimed by the specific person who attends the class, so your replacement will not be able to use your Skills Future credits. The class will be taken as a non-Skills Future funded class.

 Can I use my Skills Future credits to fulfil the cancellation/penalty fee imposed by Baker’s Brew Studio?

 Skills Future credits are not allowed to be used to pay for any cancellation/penalty fees. These fees will be deducted from the initial payment that was made to Baker’s Brew Studio upon registration of the course.