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Inverted Chocolate Sail Drip Cake

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Create your very own “instagram-worthy” and trending chocolate drip cake, topped with an impressive gold covered chocolate sail topper. Do not be intimidated by the various components that make up this whimsical cake as our instructors will guide you through each component of the class in detail.

Experience a full hands-on workshop, from the baking process, to frosting and decorating your very own creation. Various industry tips and tricks that professionals use will be taught in this workshop. Calling all hobbyists and aspiring cake decorators out there! Join us now to avoid disappointment.

Course Summary

By attending this course, you will learn:

One Day Course (8 hours)

Introduction and orientation 

Introduction to Baking Equipment

  1. How to operate equipment
  2. How to measure out ingredients accurately
  3. Explanation on oven temperatures and settings

Hands-on Baking by Participants

  1. Demonstration by instructor on how to bake a basic cake
  2. Full hands-on baking by participants
  3. Work in pairs to bake
    • Measuring of ingredients
    • Mixing of batter and dividing into tins for baking
    • Washing up of equipment and tools used

Frosting Component

  1. Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe
  2. Demonstration by instructor
  3. Hands-on frosting experience
    • Cake slicing
    • Cake layering
    • Crumb coating
    • Side piping technique
    • Using bench scraper to achieve straight sides
    • Smoothing and levelling of buttercream
    • Finish off with crisp and sharp edges
    • Watercolour swirls effect

Decorating Component

  1. Demonstration on chocolate tempering technique
    • How to prepare chocolate sails
  2. How to prepare ganache for Dark Chocolate Ganache Drip
    • How to achieve right consistency for a cake drip
  3. Demonstration on how to make meringue cookies
  4. How to achieve the gold splatter effect
  5. Whimsical design: Use of meringues, cookies, chocolate

Summary and conclusion 

  1. Certificate presentation
  2. Photo taking

All materials will be provided.

Class Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Class Type: Baking and Decoration

Bring home a 6-inch (3-4 Layers) Inverted Chocolate Sail Drip Cake

Do note that preparation and mixing of ingredients will be done in pairs while assembly of cake will be individual work.

Please read our Terms and Conditions (SKILLSFUTURE) before you proceed to register for the class.

About Justin Hee (Head Instructor)

Justin's love for baking started out in his very own kitchen, as a hobby. Having been a home baker for 5 years, Justin's love for baking grew and he took a huge leap of faith making baking into a career. 

As an instructor in our studio, he strives to not only create a fulfilling and educational experience for our students; he also seeks to bring across the idea that baking breaks conversational barriers and brings people together.