Hands-On Chocolate Techniques

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Chocolate is a very versatile and commonly used ingredient in the culinary world. Depending on the percentage of Cocoa, the use of chocolate lends a hand in cutting down the overall sweetness and/or changing the texture of the dessert itself. We often see chocolate being used a component in cakes, a ganache as a filling, in mousses to give stability and even as chocolate decorations and showpieces. 

In this course, students will first learn about the history of chocolate, its’ various origins, the process of making chocolate and the difference between couverture chocolate and compound chocolate. Our instructors will also share with you the intricacies of chocolate tempering, the importance of temperature and tips and tricks on handling chocolate.

Students will be doing, from scratch, a stunning French-style chocolate ‘entremet’ consisting of various layers of textures and techniques, finishing off with a shiny milk chocolate glaze. Students will also have a hands-on tempering session under the guidance of our instructors using the tabling method, and experience making various chocolate decorations that they can use to decorate their entremet!  

Course Summary

By attending this course, you will learn:

Techniques of Chocolate Tempering

  • Demonstration by instructor and hands-on session on tempering and handling chocolate using the tabling method
  • Various pointers and information on chocolate tempering
  • Students will experience using the tempered chocolate to make the following decorations
    • Chocolate Feathers
    • Geometric Shapes (Triangles, rectangles, circles)
    • Chocolate Shards

Chocolate Entremet Components

  • Students will learn how to make a stunning French-style chocolate 7" ‘entremet’ from scratch. This entremet consists of various layers, textures and techniques that uses chocolate
    • Dark Chocolate Mousse (Stable)
    • Flourless Chocolate Sponge
    • Chocolate Cremeux
    • Dark Chocolate Shiny Glaze
    • Raspberry Jelly
    • Peanut Butter Feuilletine Base

Information about Chocolate

  • Various origins, the process of making chocolate
  • Difference between couverture chocolate and compound chocolate
  • Different brands and types of chocolate
  • Recommendations and FAQ on chocolate

Summary and conclusion 

  • Certificate presentation
  • Photo taking

All materials will be provided.

Class Duration: 8 hours

Class Type: Baking and Decoration

*Certain components of the entremet will be done in pairs/group, but each student will be assembling their own 7" Chocolate Entremet individually.

Bring home a 7-inch Chocolate Entremet topped with your own chocolate decorations.

Please read our Terms and Conditions (SKILLSFUTURE) before you proceed to register for the class.


About Stanley Ho

Having received training at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Stanley launched his career as a pâtissier and worked at several pastry cafes throughout Australia. Specializing in entremets, chocolate bonbons and petit fours, Stanley loves to explore new and interesting flavours and different presentation techniques.

Stanley’s passion for sharing knowledge sparked as he mentored a few colleagues who had no prior experience in the industry – He realized that sharing skills and knowledge is a great joy in itself.

Stanley strongly believes in baking with love and patience; as it reflects in the end product. As an instructor, he hopes to spread the joy of baking as well as the knowledge and science behind the more technical aspect of baking. Baking can be tiring or even stressful, but the end result is always sweet!

About Justin Hee (Head Instructor)

Justin's love for baking started out in his very own kitchen, as a hobby. Having been a home baker for 5 years, Justin's love for baking grew and he took a huge leap of faith making baking into a career. 

As an instructor in our studio, he strives to not only create a fulfilling and educational experience for our students; he also seeks to bring across the idea that baking breaks conversational barriers and brings people together.

About Daniel Ding

Daniel found his calling in pastry after having dabbled in food photography for many years. He developed his interest further to graduate with a Diploma in Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo. Perceiving baking as the ultimate marriage between science and aesthetic,  Daniel strives to produce a perfect bake.

As an instructor, he makes baking approachable and fun even for beginners. Daniel will also share tips and tricks in the kitchen that will make your bakes the envy of your friends!