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Bread to Basics

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Bread; A much loved staple in many families, Western and Asian alike. They can be found in bakeries all over the world, however the idea of baking bread at home can still be daunting for many people.

In this Bread to Basic course, we will demystify any superstition behind yeast and bread, to help you build confidence in handling them and show you the romance behind bread making. To kick-start your bread making journey, we will provide you with essential basic dough recipes that can be used and transformed into different types of breads.

Students will discuss the different varieties of bread, types of yeast used, learn to hand knead a dough, and most importantly make your own homemade loaf.

This course is suitable for everyone, as it will start at the very basics. We will begin by introducing bread in general and slowly move up to full hands on work. After the completion of the course, students would be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to making bread in the comfort of their own home.

Come join us for a course opening you up to the magical world of bread filled with potential and endless opportunity for experimentation and development!

Course Summary

By attending this course, you will learn:

One Day Course (8 hours)

Introduction and orientation 

Discussion of bread; its ingredients and properties

  1. Types of bread and yeast
  2. Gluten and its best environment (Proofing)

Hands on Bread Making 

  1. Sweet dough recipe
  2. Savory dough recipe
  3. Sweet dough filling


Common problems faced at home
        1. Under proofing
        2. Over proofing
        3. Under baked breads

Summary and conclusion 

  1. Certificate presentation
  2. Photo taking

All materials will be provided.

Class Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Class Type: Bread Making

Bring home a 9 pieces of Sweet Buns baked in an 8" tin and 1 piece of Artisan Bread

Do note that the kneading and preparation of dough will be done in pairs while shaping and assembly will be done Individually

Please read our Terms and Conditions (SKILLSFUTURE) before you proceed to register for the class.