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Ondeh Ondeh Cheesecake (NEW!)

NoviceAdult Baking ClassJalan Tampang (Sembawang)

GST incl.

25 Oct 2015 (Sun)
3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

What is a better fusion than Ondeh Ondeh with Cheesecake? Best of both worlds!


Content of Class:

  • Learn on how to make cheese cake crust base.

  • Learn on how to make pandan cheesecake.

  • Learn on how to make Gula Melaka syrup.
  • Learn on the cooling periods of a cheesecake.

Class Duration: 3 hours

Class Type: Hands on

Bring home a set of 6" Ondeh Ondeh Cheesecake, specially baked by yourself!


Please be advised on the following:

  1. Due to the long cooling period (4 hours in chiller) that the cheese cake requires, participants will be required to bring the cheese cake along with the baking tin home for cooling.
  2. Duration of class might be extended instead of the stipulated timings.
  3. Cleaning/Washing will be part of the baking experience.


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