The Coriander Cake Collection

Are you ready to take your love for cakes to the next level? Introducing the coriander cake collection from Baker’s Brew! Get adventurous and try one of our unique cake creations for any celebration. What started as an accidental discovery is now one of the most popular cakes in Singapore. Our coriander cake will make your taste buds tingle as you enjoy each bite of this uniquely Asian-inspired cake.

For Adventurous Cake Lovers

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Coriander and cake surprisingly taste well together! Meet the cake that’s taking Singapore by storm - a combination of the fresh, citrus taste of coriander that is elevated by the zesty, zing of lemon. Add the tartness of the passionfruit and revel in a mixture of tangy and sweet flavours.

This two-layer, coriander and lemon cake is infused with coriander crumble and passionfruit curd that surprisingly tastes great together. This delectable cake is then covered with luscious buttercream and decorated coriander leaves. As a finishing touch, the coriander cake is topped with its very own coriander bunch for its crowning glory.

Order a Coriander Cake from Baker’s Brew

Can’t wait to get your hands on our insta-famous coriander cake? Order our OG Coriander Cake today! Whether you are ordering one for yourself or for gifting, you can have it delivered to a local address in Singapore for a delivery fee ranging from S$15 onwards. Also available as cupcakes and dedication cakes, you can now make our coriander cakes a part of any celebration! 

Want to bring out your inner artist, you can order our Coriander Cake DIY Kit. Each kit includes a blank 6-inch coriander cake, fresh coriander, and coriander crumble to allow you to decorate your cake according to your liking. Regardless of the final result, we can guarantee our coriander cake flavours will surprise you. Got any questions or requests? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll assist you as best as we can.

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