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Chocolate Cake

Indulge in Our Decadent Chocolate Cakes

Looking for a taste of chocolate bliss? Step into Baker's Brew, home to the best chocolate cakes in Singapore. Each cake is a mesmerising tale spun with love, passion, and the finest ingredients, ready to whisk your taste buds on a sweet culinary adventure. Surrender to the irresistible allure of our indulgent creations as we reimagine your celebrations into a delightful carousel of velvety, chocolate-infused moments.

Expertly Crafted Chocolate Cakes

Baker's Brew offers an array of expertly crafted chocolate cakes, designed to satisfy every sweet tooth. Whether it's a dark chocolate cake filled with deep, rich layers of cocoa, or a light and fluffy chocolate sponge cake, you’ll be spoiled with the best options at our cake shop. We highly recommend our Chocolate Rhapsody Cake for the most discerning chocolate lovers. With its smooth texture and intense cocoa aroma, it's a gourmet delight you won’t want to miss. Experience the luxury of Baker's Brew chocolate cakes today.

High-Quality Ingredients

We source only the finest ingredients to craft the best chocolate cakes for our customers. Each exclusive chocolate cake is enhanced with unique elements, highlighting their distinctive textures and flavours that transcend mere desserts. 

Skilled Bakers

In the skillful hands of our baking experts, humble chocolate delights become gourmet masterpieces. Their refined abilities and dedication yield superior goods, from the dark chocolate sponge of the Flourless Chocolate Cake to the divine aroma of the Chocolate Rhapsody Cake. Each luscious bite pays tribute to our team’s passion for baking.

Customised Options

We don't just bake chocolate cakes, we create artful confections tailored to your unique vision without compromising on taste. While we're currently unable to cater to special dietary requirements, we always strive to expand our offerings. So, keep an eye out for exciting updates. For further customisation queries, reach out to us at enquiries@bakersbrew.com.

Discover the best-ever chocolate cakes in Singapore at Baker’s Brew. Order online today.

But wait, our offerings don't stop there! If you’re already a fan of our chocolates, our refined spring themed cakes will excite you too. Try the soft, creamy delight of our Black Sesame Hazelnut Praline Cake or experience something new with our fresh and fruity Yubari Melon Peach Cake. Here at Baker’s Brew, we're always innovating to provide you with a unique, flavour-filled adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chocolate Cake

What is the secret to a good chocolate cake?

The secret to making a good chocolate cake starts with a reliable recipe, high-quality ingredients, and expert baking skills. At Baker's Brew, we also offer interactive baking classes for kids and adults to equip passionate bakers with the knowledge and techniques to create the best chocolate cake on your own.

Are chocolate cakes healthy?

While regular chocolate cakes can be high in sugar, here at Baker's Brew, our chocolate cakes are made with 30% reduced sugar. This makes it a slightly healthier option for dessert enthusiasts. For an even lower sugar treat, there’s also our dark chocolate cakes. However, we recommend dining in moderation, particularly for individuals managing health conditions like diabetes.

How long can the chocolate cakes be kept?

Our chocolate cakes are best consumed on the day of collection. However, if you have leftover slices, you can keep the remaining cake in an airtight container and refrigerate it for up to 2 days. This will ensure you still get the best possible taste, texture, and flavour when you finally dine in.

How long in advance do I need to place an order for chocolate cakes?

We require your orders for our classic chocolate cakes to be placed at least 3 working days in advance, and at least 4 days in advance for celebratory or customised cakes. This gives us ample time to accommodate your requests promptly and meticulously craft your preferred cocoa delights to perfection.

Can the chocolate cakes be delivered on the same day?

Unfortunately, we do not offer same-day delivery services for our chocolate cakes. We require a production lead time of at least 3 working days to complete your order as our cakes are freshly baked, ensuring you receive only the best chocolate cake possible. If you really need a last-minute order, you can WhatsApp our team at +65 8877 8870 and we’ll see what we can do.

Where can I collect the chocolate cakes?

You can arrange for the collection of your chocolate cakes at any of our 8 Baker’s Brew branches in Singapore:

  • Great World
  • Paragon
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Sembawang
  • Upper Thomson
  • JEM
  • Tampines Mall
  • Causeway Point

Our team will ensure your chocolate cakes are ready for pickup at your desired location. Do bring a copy of your e-invoice upon collection, and do check your order is correct before leaving our studios.

Can I cancel or postpone my order for the chocolate cakes?

Unfortunately, we do not allow cancellations of your chocolate cake orders. However, we accommodate rescheduling requests, provided they're sent at least 3 working days in advance. If the new date of your order has yet to be confirmed, we'll credit the amount to your account, which will remain valid for 6 months.