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Wedding Cake Tales

Mon, 2016-07-04

Weddings have always held in special place in my heart. Just the thought of two people committing to a lifetime of love and happiness together feels like the most blissful thing on Earth.

As a cake designer, it is truly an honor to make these special days more beautiful than it already is. I believe every cake designer who values their job will not only go out of their way to make their bride and groom feel a little less nervous on their wedding day knowing their guests' tummies are well taken care of; we also treasure the importance of creating that one cake made specially for you.

I've always believed that there's only one cake out there that will resonate with you and your love story. How the two of you met... where you fell in love... your similarities and differences... and the beauty of how all these got you to where you are today. 

Wedding Cakes aren't just desserts anymore, they are an expression of love - one that has never been easy to come by.

These are some of the cakes we have had the pleasure of designing with our beloved couples, and a little of their love story.

Fair, beautiful and feminine was who our Korean bride was and so we made the cake just like her. You could tell she was simple, nothing too fancy or over the top, but still was beautiful. Keeping to a more traditional look, we added buttercream beads around the sides of the cake to marry traditional and conventional, complimenting their wedding. This was one of the wedding, the man let her bride choose whatever she wanted. (Thumbs Up for that!!! :D) A little sprinkle of gold just to glam everything up a notch!

One of my favourite wedding cakes I've designed to date. Before this, I've always played around with colours to prettify my cakes but now I know the true essence of "a little goes a long way" with this cake. Our couple had a rustic garden wedding, with the bride telling me she almost DIY-ed everything. Kuddos to her because that must have been crazy! I wanted to give that "DIY" look to it, keeping everything less dolled up, more raw. 

Their wedding day was also a surprise celebration of their parents' wedding anniversary. That was such a sweet gesture! :) With that, I knew what love meant to them. Love has never been complicated unless we make it out to be. The truest of love has no boundaries and is ever-giving, just like the love from our parents. I named it 'Never Forget Your Roots', there was really nothing more suitable for this (literally!). 

Do you remember that one time you looked at that person in front of you and just felt like the luckiest person on Earth to be living in that moment? Do you remember where it was and how there was nothing you would change about it because everything around you was perfect? I wanted to capture that moment onto this cake because I feel like it was too romantic!

Though we don't see a lot of beautiful sunsets in Singapore, it isn't tough to replicate it on your wedding cake just so everyone can witness what the both of you saw. Don't we all love reliving the best moments of your life, I think this is as far as we can go... for now :P

With Singapore being hot all year round, sometimes I'd wish it would snow a little just so we can all feel chilly and cuddle up with our loved ones. Everyone is happier during the end of the year - the time we can finally relax a little and reward ourselves with the hard work that has paid off.

Everyone loves and gives a little more. Nothing was more special than how this couple valued December, the month they first fell in love and the act of giving not only in that one month but in their everyday life. Who said we can't have Winter in May. In Singapore, we can have our seasons anytime we want :)


*We specialize in cakes that are covered in Buttercream/ Ganache because most of our clients opt for no fondant and cakes that are less sweet. 

Up Next, I'll be introducing to you the popular flavours our couples usually go for. :) 

If you haven't checked out our flavours, you are definitely missing out! We're known for the uniqueness of our cake flavours... I'm sure you don't want to get a wedding cake only for it to just be on display because everyone is too full from the buffet :P Usually the case but we're not allowing that anymore!!!

Say Goodbye to "Wedding Cakes always nice to look at but not nice to eat leh!"

Til' next time <3 

For Wedding Cake enquiries, email: / Text or call 96520810 :)

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