Melaty Iqah

About Melaty Iqah

At a young age, Melaty has always found interest in food, even waking up early during the weekends to watch cooking shows and immersing herself in reading cookbooks. Having graduated with a diploma in Pastry and Baking from At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy, she was able to hone and sharpen her self-taught skills while obtaining new techniques along the way.

The time she spent interning with a production kitchen has provided her with insight as to how the culinary world works in real-time, which spurred her to learn more in-depth about pastry. She strongly believes that the pastry field is the ideal platform to express her creativity and to bring wonderful flavours together.

“The kitchen is a wonderful place to be in, as baking has always given me a sense of calmness in this fast-paced world. Nothing can compare to this feeling of accomplishment, when you are able to produce exactly what you have imagined in your head. And even if you do not enjoy baking, I'm sure you enjoy eating marvelous pastries and cakes. And I seek satisfaction from that too.“