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At Baker’s Brew, we offer engaging and interactive hands-on baking classes which allow participants to gain a holistic experience of the entire baking journey.

We offer a wide range of classes, from cake baking and decorating, to bread and pastry making, as well as kids’ baking classes. Our offerings range from novice level classes which are suitable for baking enthusiasts with little or no baking experience, to advanced level classes which are targeted at baking aficionados who wish to enhance their techniques.

Each lesson is meticulously planned to impart baking skills, advice and useful tips pertaining to the class recipe. We place a huge emphasis on the quality of our class standards and ensure that our participants learn the fundamentals of baking. In addition to spending an enjoyable and memorable day baking at our studio, participants also get to bring home their own delectable bakes!

For a quick overview of the types of classes we offer, click on Class Recipes for more details! If you are interested in learning baking at a professional level, check out the Certified Baking Courses that we offer!

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